I'm delighted to see Mark Selby doing so well in the 888.com World Championship.

He's a fantastic player to watch when he hits top form, as he proved when he demolished the usually indestructible Peter Ebdon in the second round, making five centuries, including three in a row.

Oddly, Mark moves on the shot and resembles a marksman taking aim. This isn't in the coaching manuals but is effective enough for him to have reached the Crucible quarter-finals.

I well remember being in a hotel lobby at 1am in Shanghai in 2002 when one of the referees spotted Mark trying to book a cab to the China Open venue.

Despite it being pitch black, the Leicester pro thought it was the afternoon and that he should be playing.

Thankfully, his timing on the table is better than it is off it.

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andy said...

Hi there, I completely agree, and he's also one of the funniest blokes I've met! He's come over here to Switzerland on 2 or 3 occassions to play in the Swiss Open and always played well and looked solid.

He's got a brilliant stand up routine at the after parties and can tell jokes all night long. He had a very large room in stitches.

I tipped him to get to the quarters, but he was about my only successful tip!

Currently 11-9, looks like going 11-10....