Further to yesterday's story about 'unusual betting patterns' during the Masters qualifiers, Tony Brennan is quoted in today's Racing Post as saying he was one of the punters whom Stan James refused to pay out.

Brennan revealed he'd had £1,500 on three matches (Liang Wenbo to beat Joe Delaney, Ricky Walden to beat Alfie Burden and Jamie Burnett to beat Joe Swail).

He said: "I'm disappointed because I have bet with the firm for a long time now – and I'm not in front – and on one of the few occasions when my number comes up Stan James act like bad losers.

“I will carry on betting with them, but I may stop and think before betting big with them."

SJ's Steve Walsh told the newspaper: "It looks as if it was more a case of the punters having more information than us because it looks as though every match was played on its merits."

Walsh added that he was waiting for official confirmation from the WPBSA before paying out punters.

SJ became suspicious because there was more money staked than they would have expected for such a minor snooker event but that's the risk bookies run for having betting on it in the first place (only three firms did).

It seems a bit much to scream up just because a few snooker punters - who follow the game and current form very closely - have correctly predicted results.

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