The last final of 2008 promises to be a close affair as Shaun Murphy and Marco Fu are evenly matched in terms of form, talent and temperament.

They are both level-headed sorts who keep their emotions to themselves.

But don't be deceived by this: they are also fiercely determined and heavy scorers.

Here's my preview for Betfair.


RichP said...

'They may not provide the sort of entertainment the more expressive players offer but they are both honest, hard working and dedicated to their craft. Snooker needs the good guys to be doing well at the moment'

I'd say snooker needs anything but the good guys doing well at the moment. It's the Shaun Murphy's, Marco Fu's etc that put people off the sport. The reality is that snooker's 'bad' guys i.e. Ronnie, Mark Williams etc is what the sport needs. The entertainers, the players you that leave you wondering what they're going to do next. Unfortunately there simply aren't enough of these players and that's the real reason snooker is dying.

If you can't see that Dave you need to be writing about another sport.

kimball said...

Well, snooker might be dying for you.
Most of us are quite allright about our snooker.

Dave H said...

The audience in Telford are loving it and I'd be very careful making statements about how many people have turned off before the viewing figures are released

And I'm perfectly happy writing about snooker, thanks

Anonymous said...

How exactly is Mark Williams a bad guy, "RichP"?

And either way, how is he any more of an entertainer than other attacking players like Murphy, Higgins, Maguire, Carter - in fact, almost all of the top players?

Good to see though that you know so much about the game that players like Murphy and Fu don't "leave you wondering what they're going to do next". Clearly tonight's final, which was utterly devoid of any surprises or twists of fate, bears out what you're saying.

What a load of cliched nonsense. Why don't you stick to watching Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor?

Anonymous said...

For the last 30+ years snooker has mainly been percieved to be played by good guys with the occasional 'bad guy' to stir things up a bit- the contrast of styles between Fu and Murphy made for a gripping contest and as it neared its conclusion it was a wonderful test of nerve under immense pressure. It was the most enjoyable final I have watched in years and took me back to the 80s. Well done Shaun and Marco- gentlemean and a credit to this wonderful game that once more became a battle of wits and skill almost akin to multi-coloured chess.
John H

Rich P said...

So you all think snooker is doing really well at the moment with no sponsor for the Masters/World Champs. Malta Cup not going ahead. Some major bad news regarding finances coming in January - no, snooker definately isn't doing well and that's mainly down to the fact the game doesn't have the stars/or characters it used to.

RichP said...

I don't reply to people who hide behind an anonymous tag.

Anonymous said...

Im not going to slag off RichP. He did that to himself with that post.

I wanted Fu to win, but Smurf is a great player and played better in the final despite the close scoreline so id say he was the deserved winner in the end, though a great battling performance by Fu.

stuartfanning said...

I'm not sure why any of you feel the need to 'slag off' RichP unless he is airing some incomfortable truths about the game. He's entitled to his opinion which really is supported by some of the things Clive Everton writes about the game.

As to last nights final. Honours even I would have thought, with Murphy winning as a bit of luck and run of the balls was with him.

Stephen said...

Glad Murphy won.

Also, why hasnt Parrott been given any ranking points for the UK? It's updated on WorldSnooker.com but his hasnt changed.

Monique said...

You did it again Dave! ... tipping Fu to win it.
Enthralling final. Lots of errors but what a battle! Congrats to both. Murphy needed this after the very bad start of season he had. Fu's graciousnes in defeat - after that fluke ;) - and spotsmanship was wonderfull to watch. Thanks guys!