The winners' group of the Championship League is brimming with quality. Stephen Maguire, John Higgins, Judd Trump, Marco Fu, Neil Robertson, Mark Allen and Jamie Cope will fight it out over the next two days for a place in the Premier League.

Of these, Higgins is the only one assured of an invite to the League, although Robertson must be a leading favourite for a call up as well.

Cope became the last player through to the winners' group by beating Peter Ebdon and Ding Junhui at Crondon Park last night.

The Shotgun from Stoke could certainly cause a few problems in the League itself were he to qualify, just as last year's winner Trump did.

And he has the advantage of having had two days on the tables while the rest of the field - Trump aside - haven't played competitively for up to two months.

For them, the next two days represents a chance to at the very least tune up their games for next week's China Open.

There's plenty of cash available too. Robertson has already earned £13,000 from the event and it's now £300 per frame and £10,000 to the eventual winner.


Robert said...

Higgins is my favorite, mainly through a great attitude in the Welsh Open

Snooker Tables said...

Wow big money, i'm rooting for Higgins too..

Anonymous said...


who is the irish man commentating with you and clive on the championship league ?

don't recognize his voice or herd him before.

Dave H said...

Michael McMullan who works in Irish radio

Anonymous said...

ahh, so you do get work from hearn ....mmmmm

RichP said...

McMullan is a nice enough sounding guy but obviously has basic understanding of how you play the game, called so many shots/situations wrong.

Anonymous said...

Any idea whether Hearn is going to leave the Premier and Championship Leagues independent from World Snooker or will they become WPBSA events?


Anonymous said...

A place in the premier league to the winner, therefore why is'nt this championship league played with a shotclock?

Anonymous said...

Cooking © The Fine Dining Method
A secret is no longer a secret once it's shared. It's gossiping.

Hi there Dave, how are you lad?

The great Joe Davis once told me over a cup of tea and a sticky bun that your cue action must be fluid in the same way that you spread strawberry jam on a scone after you've put on a dollop of clotted cream. Joe was a great believer in the power of the strawberry, a fruit that must be held in high esteem, and nurtured just like the cueing action. Mr Hey Ho Shut That Door

Dave H said...

I'm employed by Perform, not Matchroom

The shotclock isn't used because it involves extra cost

Dave H said...


I've just asked Matchroom and they say as there are two tables facing each other it would be offputting

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I've always thought this was slightly strange, as surely, the shotclock is the main element of this tournament.

Are players instructed before play to play a bit quicker than they would under normal conditions.

Also, any idea from 'insiders' as to how the vote will go for Friday. Is there going to be a big turnout? Surely, if the whole structure of the game is going to change, players have to vote...

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

but even if the tables wasn't facing each other but having shot clock pips going off all over the place would be shambles.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
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Dear Mr Facelessone @ 5: 37 PM (with your permission Dave)

The Fine Art Sir; finds your posts and attempt at hilarity less than funny. The Dave Den blog is principle about snooker not a Harry Worth show.

If you can Mr Facelessone throw in a “Wee Funny” by all means spice up Dave’s blog at my expense with ridicule, as Blogs should be funny, but snooker Sir is a serious business.

For the record Mr Facelessone! Mr hey you is known by name to the entire Snooker Establishment and every TV commentator for many years now, plus the BBC staff in Hazels Corner.

The Fine Art method being copyright is potentially a multi million pound business. For reasons by other faceless people it must be subdued and barred from advertising in Snooker Scene. Mr hey you

PS The WPBSA has been offered the control of the worlds coaching industry. All coaching to continue but an annual permit required equal to Two or Three percent of the coaches earners. DM

Anonymous said...

Well said mr hey you. Why can't we just call you Terry though?

Anonymous said...

There are worse self-publicists on here than Mr Hey You. At least Mr Hey You doesn't simply post on here to promote their own blog.

Anonymous said...

Cooking © The Fine Dining Method
A secret is no longer a secret once it's shared. It's gossiping.

Hi there Dave lad

Things have not changed since the watch and copy me of the great Joe Davis era. I once asked Joe over a pot of tea and a delicious slice of lemon drizzle cake why do the balls roll on a table? He replied that a tree is not a ball but may become a cue or a table. We should all heed this wise piece of advice. Mr Hi Ho It's Off To Work I Go

CHRISK5 said...

Great news that Davis & Taylor are going to have a one frame match of nostalgia gazing on 29th April.

Would be hilarious though,if one player got to the table & made an 80 or 90 break & the whole thing done with in 10 minutes!.... er,then again,maybe not.

Ofcourse,it's most certainly gonna be 30-60 minutes of the players taking ample time between shots - plenty of jokes & camerardarie with the crowd - Dennis pretending to kiss the trophy (they could have a mock-up trophy for that 'segment')- Davis delibaretly missing some easy shots & Dennis wags his finger - win or lose!

Afterwards,they can proclaim that one Frame matches really work! (for a laugh ofcourse)

Actually,it would be a neat idea to have a 'crucible legends' one frame match - every year in the championships from now on.

On the subject of Championship League tables being adjacent to each other & shot clocks being too off putting to be implemented.

Kinda reminds me of my local snooker club!!

Greg P said...

"Legends match" at the Crucible ever year? I don't think so Chris. They call them "legends" for a reason. It's a nice way of saying "clapped out".

But Dennis and Steve are special, no-one will begrudge them this one frame.

Anonymous said...

i begrudge them this one frame

CHRISK5 said...

Greg P - So,presumably you are also against former ''clapped out'' players taking part (with youngsters) in the SuperSix challenge aswell ?!

I quite enjoyed seeing Tony Knowles back at the Crucible in 2009 - winning something for a change too!

Also,seeing the talent that is coming through - I was very impressed with Ross Muir & also his revolutionary 'cueglove' - which is SO gonna please Mr Hey You in the years ahead!

Basically,having ex-pros/youngsters in the Supersix mini-event AND a oneFrame 'Cruc
ible Legends' game - should both
be able to be facillitated.

After all,players like Jimmy White,John Parrott etc are very unlikely to qualify for the event proper again - Would be great if they were taking part in a jovial oneFrame match in 2011/2012 or something.

The proper main tournament is usually about ultra-competitive & no-nonsense snooker - Getting a bit more of the 'other' should be welcomed in my view.

Anonymous said...

to 12.16pm

I assume you are one and the same that had a go at me on the thread above too. I have been poting on here for years, it's only since I started the blog that I managed to figure out how to get an ID. If you don't like it, don't read it, but there is no need to get personal. Chill out.