Mark King has admitted he was wrong to vote against Barry Hearn's proposals to transform snooker at the EGM last year.

King was a staunch supporter of a rival bid by John Davison.

But after beating Mark Selby in the Ladbrokes Mobile Masters, King told worldsnooker.com that his fears had proved unfounded.

"When all the Barry Hearn thing came about, I hold my hands up, I wasn't a fan of the idea," he said.

"I was for the other side and I didn't vote for Barry. To be honest, it's been fantastic. I hold my hands up and say I was wrong.

"We've been playing near enough every weekend before Christmas. You don't feel like you're having time off and it's good - thanks to Barry."

Like most players, King embraced the Players Tour Championship and played in as many events as he could. After all, this is what being a snooker professional should entail: playing.

Nobody would pretend the PTC series is yet perfect but with more tournaments on the way next season there is a genuine uplift for the sport and the players will be the ones who reap the benefits, or at least have the chance to do so.

King didn't have to so publicly backtrack so credit to him for doing so.


Anonymous said...

Okay, now I like Mark King again. I held somewhat of a grudge against him due to him not supporting Hearn. I applaud him doing it in a public forum.

Your move Ebbo.

Anonymous said...

knowing kingy as i do, id say this is his style though. hes big enough to say something when he wants and hes big enough to admit defeat or in this case being wrong. hes a top guy and a very good player.

Anonymous said...

King and all the 110 sport players voted for Davison because they wanted their manager to keep in power on the board of world snooker and look after their own interests. That's a well known fact within the politics of snooker . When they voted against Hearn it was for their own best interests and not for the good of the game .

Anonymous said...

sweeping statement
i know as fact, that what you say is fact is not 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

I take it all back Kingy

I turned against you (and Ebdon) at the World Championships and remember you getting peeved off near the end of the match v Davis and rising to the bait from myself and a few others in the crowd behind you.

Fair play for seeing your error in judgement and good luck for the rest of the Masters.

Anonymous said...

shame on you 931.

no matter what your feelings you shoul not be doing that while he is playing a match.

id not class you as a real fan, if you felt able to do that to someone during a match.

its a gentlemans game. almost all the players are gentlemen....except one particularly rude "pro"

TazMania said...

Good on him, hopfully more players dont just waste their votes to keep their managment happy, players should have more power than the managment, managament should be the ones chasing players!

Anonymous said...

Doyle's desperate attempt to stay in power came when he got Davison involved again - except the players saw through them and some changed their votes and went for Hearn even after promising they would vote for Davison

Anonymous said...


sweeping statement
i know as fact, that what you say is fact is not 100% correct."

What is fact is that there has been an EGM and a proposed EGM which have both been hijacked by the same individual who cannot accept he is neither very popular or is trusted with the safe running of snooker.

Anonymous said...

which isnt what i was disputing

*head explodes*