The Hainan Classic starts tomorrow so here is some information.

The first two days are played over a round robin format, best of three frames.

John Higgins, Peter Ebdon, Stephen Hendry and Li Yan

Neil Robertson, Jamie Cope, Cao Yupeng and Jin Long

Shaun Murphy, Ali Carter, Dennis Taylor and Tian Pengfei

Ding Junhui, Graeme Dott, Ricky Walden and Yu Delu

The TV matches on Thursday are:
Session 1 (7am CET) - Higgins v Ebdon, Carter v Taylor, Robertson v Cao

Session 2 (12pm CET) - Ding v Dott, Murphy v Tian, Robertson v Cope

(Note: CET is an hour ahead of UK time)

The winner of each group progresses to the semi-finals on Saturday, which are best of nine frames.

Sunday's final is best of 13 frames.

The total prize fund is £100,000 with the winner pocketing £40,000.

Eurosport 2 has live coverage of tomorrow's two sessions.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Williams, Selby or O'Sullivan aren't playing? Did they get invited?

The Snooker Oracle said...

A shame about Selby and Williams - surely they would have accepted invitations if they had been invited?! Obviously Ronnie wouldn't have!

Lets hope these group stages don't revert to the dodgy shambles on the ill fated Grand Prix experiment.

Looking forward to this, and glad to hear you are commentating Dave! Now about explaining to Mike Hallett what a cross double is....

Dave H said...

I think it's fair to say that Williams isn't a great fan of 110sport, although whether that's the reason he isn't playing I have no idea

I believe Selby was invited but declined

Anonymous said...

Any snooker is a good thing but it seems this tournament is exactly the type Hendry despises except this time its organised by his own management group.
Talking of which, its extremely decent of John Higgins to paricipate given that his own World Series was discredited by a still undetected source.

Anonymous said...

What was the reason for Williams falling out with 110 Sport?

Anonymous said...

so dave, please (as i have mentioned several times and now snooker o is asking) inform mallet what a cross double is.

Mal said...

Mark Allen was also due to play, but don't think he felt up to it. I think Cao Yupeng took his place as Taylor already had got in in place of someone else.

Betty Logan said...

Williams and Selby both have the PTC finals next week, and with the ranking points on offer probably want to prepare properly.

Johan said...

What 110sports concerns: Luca Brecel has left his management bureau and Carlo, Luca's father is now managing his business.
Info: http://snooker.blog.nl/snooker-in-belgie/2011/03/10/luca-brecel-weg-bij-110sport (dutch).

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a long time, if ever that Williams accepts a tournament invitation from 110sport. He was indeed invited to this tournament on more than one occasion by at least two different members of 110 management, but declined the offer.

Lets just say that Star may have had more luck if they approached him themselves.

jamie brannon said...

Did Dennis Taylor win a match or even a frame in this event?

Good luck to Jamie Cope in the final, it's time he won something.

jamie brannon said...

Looked on 110 sport tv and Taylor didn't win a frame.

Johan said...

It appears that 110sport management (Hendry's and O'Sullivan's management bureau) is going for bankrupcy?
Link: http://www.hollandsnooker.com/index.php?/Updates/Actueel/Nieuws/Management-O-Sullivan-en-Hendry-failliet.html