Judd Trump followed in Ronnie O’Sullivan’s footsteps by winning the second Players Tour Championship title of the season in Gloucester tonight.

Trump beat Ding Junhui in 41 minutes to secure the £10,000 first prize and will join O’Sullivan, winner of event 1, in the grand finals providing they each play the requisite amount of tournaments.

Trump follows in the lineage that includes O’Sullivan, Alex Higgins and Jimmy White: players who make the game of snooker look not only ridiculously easy but who also entertain.

His capture of the China Open and run to the World Championship final at the end of last season brought huge financial rewards, vastly increased attention and the pressure of expectation.

But for all his tongue-in-cheek ‘international playboi’ stylings on Twitter, Judd is a pretty chilled out character who is dedicated to snooker.

He has the game and the belief to continue his great stride forward this season.

PTC3 ends on the day Trump turns 22. In a snooker sense the boy has already become a man.


paddy o hanlon said...

Excellent trump... Thought he might have done to much partying... But class always shines through...

Claus said...

Good for him. Well done putting the slacker rumours to shame.

Anonymous said...

some might argue those rumours was the inspiration to prove people wrong.

147 said...

Well done to judd trump

Matt said...

Well done Judd Trump. What a player. Please Dave. Can you do a Part 3 of Snooker's Biggest Bust-Ups?

Anonymous said...

No doubt Judd Trump and family should thank the knowledgeable and informed anonymous posters who have suggested that he isn't putting it all in, from the safe haven of their deep backed easy chair.
I am sure he is so grateful as its been a barren spell since the world championships in May and early August.
A siberian winter of discontent from the Bristolian which spanned days and weeks without winning a title.

Anonymous said...


i bet i do more hard work than judd ever will

i do not class playing snooker, no matter how many hours a day you do it to get to be excellent is hard work at all.

i do think of it as work for pros, but not hard work

im entitled to sit back on my big sofa and pass opinion if i want

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised Anon 138 that you make such criticism behind the Anon cloak of anonymity.

I know I am also anon but I have another interest which requires it.

You really don't have a clue what pressures and skill the top players have, otherwise you wouldn't have made such an ill-informed comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi whats the story with Ding and trumps exhibition in china how much are they being paid and will world snooker sanction it...I personally think they should have been made play in brazil

Anonymous said...

Judd will get a sports car and ding a haircut

Anonymous said...


I am fully aware of the demands and pressures of a top class player.
Shame you are not in tune with irony, a subject which clearly has passed you by.

Anonymous said...


1210 might be a foreign pro

dont be racist!

Anonymous said...

you should learn the difference between satire and Irony.