Igor Figueiredo is a man with a big heart and, as he demonstrated in beating Jamie Cope in the first round of the Brazil Masters, bags of talent.

The local fans are obviously looking to him for more success in today's quarter-final against Graeme Dott.

Igor first came to prominence when he ran Alfie Burden close in the IBSF world amateur final and last season he appeared in the final stages of the World Open.

Life on tour is difficult for all new professionals but particularly those from overseas.

The new tournaments are all very welcome but they come with additional expenses and, without a sponsor, it is tough for many players to keep going.

There are riches to be made for snooker players but most professionals are not rich or even close to it.

You don't have to go too far down the ranking list to find people struggling to make ends meet.

Of course, this is the same in most walks of life and certainly true in professional sport which is, and always has been, the survival of the fittest.

But snooker needs characters like Figueiredo, who has been unable to play in a single main tour event this season.

He must be very proud, though, to be representing his country in Brazil itself in the first professional tournament ever to be staged there.

Crowds improved yesterday and they saw victories for Shaun Murphy, Ricky Walden, Ali Carter and Stephen Hendry, who broke down on 113 as he attempted to equal Ronnie O'Sullivan's record of 11 maximum breaks.

So the quarter-finals feature seven ranking tournament winners...plus Igor, the local man hoping to spring an almighty upset this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Hendry, but your averages are already behind to O'Sullivan, so try your heart out....

It matters not :P In the breakbuilding dept you are second best.

Anonymous said...

nice trolling seifer

Anonymous said...

Just annoying to watch Hendry have sour grapes as usual.

John McBride said...

Good Luck to the fella. With a bit of luck he'll attract a sponsor with this exposure.

Monique said...

I'm glad that Igor and Graeme treated the audience and the fans in general with a great match. Thanks to both.
I hope that Igor's display tonight will help him to find a sponsor. He's a breath of fresh air and a cheerful character.

Anonymous said...


why are you jealous of hendry ?

get a life ffs.

Anonymous said...

1055, hes best ignored, or at least dont ask him questions so he posts even more.

this last week the comments section has been raically spoiled by this annoying troll.

well played igor!

and well trolled seifer. 2 times in 2 posts trying to get an arguement going....

Anonymous said...

Typical of Seifer to derail a thread to have a go at Hendry. The biggest troll on snooker forums/blogs

Anonymous said...

I am brazilian (not one of the rich ones, but some fan who saved some money to watch a couple of games) and I watched the *almost* 147 from Hendry. It was terrific!

PS: One scene that occurs to me now is: After the match, about 10 minutes, Hendry almost running out of the tent to avoid contacts with the fans... :-( I thought this so bizarre! On the other hand, Selby is such a cool character inside and outside the arena.