Chris Turner, who has died suddenly, had a deep love of snooker and maintained an excellent website providing a wealth of statistical information.

Chris had been collating these for many years and was still updating his site days before he passed away.

I often used it myself as a resource and Chris was always helpful when clarifying and cross-checking a stat.

He never sought the limelight but, in his quiet way, he made a significant contribution to ensuring the game’s key achievements were recorded for posterity.

My sincere condolences go to his family.


Chris's son, Andy, has contacted me with the funeral arrangements.

The funeral will be at:

Vinters Park Crematorium
Bearsted Road,
ME14 5LG

Attendees are then invited to join the family for refreshments afterwards at:

Tudor Rose
Chestnut Street

In place of floral tributes the family would prefer anyone wishing to pay their respects to donate to the British Heart Foundation via funeral directors R High & Son, Bayford Road, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3AD. 01795 472958


Paul said...

Ah very sad news i used his site a lot.very sudden and sad thoughts go out to his family.i hope you dont mind me asking dave but will the site continue on or will it cease to continue ?.

Toestubber said...

Remember Chris from alt.sport.snooker from when it began. Always erudite and authoritative in his posts. He always seemed more of a billiards man if I remember correctly. RIP Chris.

Mat Wilson

ddrIII said...

Very shock and sad.

I used to chat with him in the snooker forum before.

Janie Watkins said...

I first met up with Chris in the early 1990s and we worked together from that time on collating stats, running forums, collecting memorabilia and researching the history of the sport.

As Mat said we all used to exchange news, views and information on the original alt.sport.snooker forum, the forerunner to today's forums and blogs.

His death has come as an immense shock and I'd like to extend my condolences to his friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! I have spoken with Chris a few times in email and talked over statistics with him :( What a horrible shock.

My condolences to the family :(

I also hope we can fill the void he leaves in Snooker statistics....

Betty Logan said...

His site his awesome, along with Herman's sites it is the best snooker site on the web. Someone ought to back up all that information and preserve his legacy, because it would be a shame if it all vanished. Nice guy too, he gave me a cd a few years back after I enquired about a track.

147 said...

D,fheadh do chuid eile anam siorai da anam.

Anonymous said...

very sad news

thank you again for all the work you put into giving us the correct stats chris. RIP

TazMania said...

Very sad news, the best snooker stats site, used it quite a lot and was very useful. I do agree that someone should at least continue his work or preserve it for his memory.

RIP Cris Turner


Hi David. Very sad news. My condolances, Best wishes and Thoughts, to his family.

Today is also Ted Lowe's 91st birthday. I am very disapointed that World Snooker's website, has done NOTHING to mark this.

My best wishes, again, to Chris Turner's family.

Janie Watkins said...

Betty - we have all the information safe and preserved electronically.

Chris took the time to transfer all the myriad files we had on our computers and paper records, onto the site so everyone could share the information.

Tim Sandle said...

Very sad.

I never met Chris, but I had communicated with him about snooker stats and I've used his site frequently. It is a great resource.

Anonymous said...

Never met Chris but I spent hours and hours on end looking at his stats, his profiles of players, his histories of every single snooker tournament ever played and his programmes which ranged grom the 1947 Worlds to this year's Paul Hunter Classic. He will be much missed.

Ali said...

His "top century break makers" page was simply the best. He used to update it after every day's play.

Such a sad loss. I also hope somebody continues to do something similar so the stats aren't lost.

RIP Chris.

Anonymous said...

I noticed on another blog they were looking for someone to assist in the updating of chris' site to keep it updated.you would be the ideal man dave,would you have any interest ?

jamie brannon said...

I really hope his site is maintained, it is the bible for snooker stats.

RIP Chris Turner.