Jack Lisowski reached the second round of the PTC Grand Finals in Galway today despite being told last month that his place in the tournament was not guaranteed.

Lisowski finished tied 24th with Michael White on the PTC order of merit but believed he had qualified because he had done the better of the two in PTC12, which was to be used to determine the standings in the event of a tie.

“World Snooker phoned my manager and said I’d have to play a play-off,” said Lisowski, after beating Barry Hawkins 4-3.

“I texted Matt from Prosnookerblog because he’s a fountain of knowledge and he texted straight back to say, no, it was clear in the PTC entry pack that I’d qualified.

“They wanted me to play an extra game before the Welsh Open qualifiers. I feel sorry for Michael but I’m delighted to be here.”

World Snooker said that the rule was not as clearly defined as it could have been.

Lisowski described his season as “rubbish.” He added: “I’ve been guarding points. I’ve had the wrong mentality but I’ve sorted that out now.”

The 20 year-old led 2-0 and 3-2 before Shootout champion Hawkins forced the decider.

From his initial chance, Lisowski knocked in a good long red and made 99 to go forward to a meeting with Neil Robertson tomorrow.


kildare cueman said...

Would have been nice to see the Lisowski match.

I know WS have a contract with Eurosport that says they wont stream events covered by Eurosport.

Surely though, they could arrange a stipulation that allows WS to stream matches when Eurosport are not live.

Nobody is inconvenienced and while I appreciate the ES blanket coverage, when they have a busy weekend or dont cover the first days play, it would be nice to be able to watch all matches.

Dave H said...

There are no cameras in the arena until tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Kildare you can't watch snooker every day of the year, it's not good for you. Once you die you will be able to teleport yourself to all the snooker matches you want and watch them as a ghost for free, so live your life to the full.

Anonymous said...

Shame we couldn't watch the matches today. Stevens vs Walden looked good from livescores, albeit a bit one-sided.

400+ points without reply from Walden in a best of 7 is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Matt from Prosnookerblog doesn't get enough praise - this story appears to be proof positive that he understands the rankings system better than anybody (even World Snooker!).

Janie Watkins said...

Strange it wasn't on UK Eurosport. We watch Jack v Neil live on Eurosport in Bulgaria!