A small slice of history at last night’s Wuxi Classic qualifiers when a 20-year record for the most points scored in a single frame was broken.

The record had been 185 points, between Sean Storey (93) and Graham Cripsey (92) in the qualifiers for the 1992 Asian Open.

But this was beaten by seven points as Peter Lines won the fourth frame against Dominic Dale 108-84, giving a total aggregate of 192.

There were so many fouls in this frame that they actually disappeared off the official scoresheet, so it’s not possible to explain exactly what happened. However, early on there had been 45 points scored with only two balls potted.

Dale also holds the record for the most individual points in a ranking tournament, 167 in the 1999 World Championship.

So Storey and Crispey’s reign ends. Storey once reached the second round of the World Championship but Cripsey found trying to make a living from snooker too precarious so went back to his former profession, as a wall of death rider.


Anonymous said...

Peter Lines won the frame. I followed the livescoring but didn't know the history of the moment. ;-)

Armbrust said...

There is a picture from the live scoring at the time there were 13 points on the table: http://p.twimg.com/Au5Mr6VCEAAbNmg.jpg