50 UP

By capturing the Australian Goldfields Open yesterday, Barry Hawkins became the 50th player to win a full ranking event.

Here is the list of 50 winners by number of titles:

Stephen Hendry

Steve Davis

John Higgins
Ronnie O’Sullivan

Mark Williams

Jimmy White

John Parrott
Peter Ebdon

Ken Doherty
Neil Robertson

Ray Reardon
Ding Junhui
Stephen Lee

Stephen Maguire
Shaun Murphy

James Wattana
Paul Hunter

Cliff Thorburn
Dennis Taylor
Tony Knowles
Doug Mountjoy
Alan McManus
Graeme Dott
Dominic Dale
Ali Carter
Mark Selby
Judd Trump
Ricky Walden

John Spencer
Terry Griffiths
Alex Higgins
Willie Thorne
Silvino Francisco
Joe Johnson
Neal Foulds
Tony Meo
Mike Hallett
Steve James
Bob Chaperon
Tony Jones
Dave Harold
Nigel Bond
Fergal O’Brien
Chris Small
David Gray
Matthew Stevens
Marco Fu
Stuart Bingham
Mark Allen
Barry Hawkins

Some great names here and a few surprise winners too. It should also be pointed out that the UK Championship did not become a full ranking event until 1984, which thus diminishes the tallies of players such as Davis, Griffiths, (Alex) Higgins and Mountjoy.

Indeed, it wasn’t until 1982 that any event other than the World Championship counted towards the world rankings, well past the prime of Reardon and Spencer.

The youngest winner remains O’Sullivan, who won the 1993 UK Championship the week before he turned 18.

The oldest was Reardon, who was 50 when he won the 1982 Professional Players Tournament.

Hendry has of course retired and thus cannot improve on his 36 titles and Davis has not won a ranking event since 1995. O’Sullivan is not playing at the moment so (John) Higgins is best placed to encroach on Hendry’s position at the top of the list, but still needs to win 13 more ranking titles to overtake him. At the age of 37, this seems unlikely.


Anonymous said...

king HENDO

thanks for the interesting list dave

Kevin said...

I think the best person to beat Hendry's tall right now is someone much younger like Ding or maybe Robertson but it is still unlikely.

Ron Florax said...

Hendry's record will not be beaten in my lifetime I don't think!

Anonymous said...

In all truth it's a very silly stat really because the number of "ranking" events per season has changed so much over the years. I mean if it had remained the same and we'd spread all the rankers out over the years then Joe Davis would have the record. More by luck than skill has Hendry got to the top of this particular list but then stats are always a bunch of lies; if you honestly want to know who's the best then bad luck because you've set yourself an impossible task even if you could come up with a definition of "best".

Anonymous said...

Ok here is a record that has been in operational in the Davis/Hendry/Ronnie/Higgins/Williams Era


18 in 11 Seasons Hendry
15 in 17 seasons Davis
11 in 19 seasons O'Sullivan
9 in 16 seasons J Higgins
6 in 6 Seasons Williams

Can147 said...

I love lists and stats but these types of lists can be misleading and understating/overstating the accomplishments of some...case in point, Joe Johnson and Barry Hawkins are both under the 1 win column...but its really apples compared with oranges...Joe's 1 win was at the World Championships beating out the top players of the day. Barry's was at Australia without even meeting one single top 10 opponent in any of his matches....apples to oranges...there should be an "*" next to some of these names.

Anonymous said...

"More by luck than skill has Hendry got to the top of this particular list."


Anonymous said...

3:32 .. Luck? Really? Most rankers and world titles just a case of good fortune?

Anyway, great list Dave.

Anonymous said...

12 in 19 for ronnie mate 4 worlds 4 uks 4 masters

Anonymous said...

Ebdon's edging closer to getting back into the top 16.

Anonymous said...

3.32 Luck..... oh yeah.... Let me have some of Hendry's luck then, can i?

Ron Florax said...

Some people above seem to be able to use this, i will create a page listing the average titles won per season on CueTracker soon. Once the database is complete this should answer a few questions (remind me if I forget)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the critic. This list doesn't rank any players but is just erm a list. And I find it interesting there are current players as Ricky Walden, Dominic Dale as well as Mark Selby in the same position (2 rankers). But one of them is Nr. 1 in the ranks. And Selby's achievment in the Masters doesn't count in both.

TheGreenBaize said...

Never knew that about the UK not counting until 1984.Were there any other tournaments that later became full ranking events that Davis won?

Anonymous said...

Tons. A couple of (Wilson/Lada) Classics, three British Opens and one International Open and the first China Open (in its only non-ranking year). He also won 8 Irish Masters titles and a Canadian Masters, although they were primarily non-ranking events for most of their existence. He also won the Aus Open in its original form too, although that's been on and off down the years.

He has the second best ranking record in the game, so it's amazing really that it doesn't tell the full story.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and I know some players are overstated and understated due to various curious of past but always thought of Jimmy White as an underperformed but when you see him listed in that 5th category of 12 with 10 wins doesn't look so bad

kildare cueman said...

11.37, Davis, White, Griffiths and others all won tournaments that later became rankers.

Anonymous said...


it works both ways Murphy won the Malta Cup back to back the first was Ranking the second wasen't.

Anonymous said...

This list cannot be correct. Where is John Virgo ?

Anonymous said...


UK wasn't a ranking event until 1984.

Anonymous said...

Where is John Virgo?

usually in the com box talking shite.

jamie brannon said...

I think Hendry's record is safe for ever, as it would take a dominant player of his ilk to come through and don't see it happening.

Snooker is getting like golf where you get so many different winners, although the Big 3 event are still more likely to be won by a list of around ten contenders.