The WPBSA integrity unit is investigating suspicious betting patterns in a match at last week’s PTC in Gloucester.

The match concerned was Steve Davis’s 4-0 win over Thepchaiya Un Nooh. The suspicious patterns were recorded in Asia.

Un Nooh is a former world amateur champion from Thailand who returned to the main tour this season after receiving a nomination from the Thai association.

Davis is not under investigation although he may be asked for his comments about the match as part of the inquiry.

This all seems depressingly familiar. Sir Paul Condon, the former Met commissioner and latterly head of cricket’s anti-corruption unit, has said that betting scams represent a bigger risk to the integrity of sport than drugs.

In years gone by some of the ‘official’ investigations have been nothing of the sort: at one point a former WPBSA member was sent in to watch two apparently dodgy matches at once.

Internet betting has created a bewildering sea of markets and opportunities. At the same time it has created further temptation for players to cheat.

We await the result of this investigation but these are the sort of headlines snooker could do without.


Anonymous said...

You've got to feel for Steve Davis. Everytime he has a decent win his opponent becomes embroiled in a match-fixing scandal.

Anonymous said...

Would be very sad if true - but presumably there is an issue with the resources available to the WPBSA (without a recording or email / text agreeing to lose deliberately or by a particular score how can they ever prove the most serious offence).

On this subject is there any word on Joe Jogia's appeal - has it already been heard?

Anonymous said...

We await the result of this investigation but these are the sort of headlines snooker could do without.
while i dont disagree with that sentence i rather think its good that we see them from time to time, as it publicly states were aiming to rid cheats and investigate where we think it could be going on...or prove it wasnt

Anonymous said...

Remember there was an enquiry years ago when Steve Davis beat Joe o'Boye 5-0 in the rothmans i think it was. O'boye turned up the worse for wear, Davis when interviewed was ever the gentleman then and still is today. Can't remember if O'boye was suspended then.

Anonymous said...

anyone know where theres a copy of the burnett maguire match on the net?

jamie brannon said...

That is what so sad, the sport seems to find the column inches when we have a negative story.

Anonymous said...

anyone know where i can view burnetts misses?

Anonymous said...

the famous missed black is about 25 seconds in on this:

Fans of this sort of thing may also be interested in this:

Is that Francisco -v- White match available anywhere?

Anonymous said...

6:28 C'mon, Leave Burnetts misses out of this

Anonymous said...

Gambling is a terrible terrible thing.

Anonymous said...

Gambling is terribly terribly exciting.