Sean Storey tonight made a great comeback to beat Paul Wykes 9-7 and reach the second qualifying round of the UK Championship at Pontin's, Prestatyn.

After falling 6-2 adrift, the Grimsby man was so disgusted with himself that he packed his suitcase and put it in his car ready for the expected drive home at the end of the night.

It spurred him on to win seven of the evening's eight frames and keep his hopes of appearing in the final stages at York next month alive.

“I’ll have to go and unpack the car now,” Storey told me. “I did it out of frustration. I hadn’t given up. In fact, I was desperate to win but I was telling myself that I had a long drive home in prospect if things didn’t improve. It was the kick up the backside I needed.

“I lost a frame early on that really hurt and I couldn’t put it out of my mind. My concentration went and even though Paul wasn’t playing great, he went well ahead.

“But the good thing about these longer matches is that you have time to pull things round and that’s what I was able to do.

“I played well in the second session and am really pleased with the way I came back. I grew up with Paul. We’ve practised together and I know what a tough opponent he is so to beat him like this is a real boost.”

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