The professional game has packed up for its summer break but snooker continues in various forms around the world.

Various National Championships have been completed. Here are some of the winners...

England - Martin Gould
Scotland - James McBain
Republic of Ireland - Vincent Muldoon
Finland - Jyri Virtanen
South Africa - Peter Francisco
Belgium - Bjorn Haneveer
USA - Jack Lung
Oceania - Dene O'Kane
Bermuda - Adam Bendall


Anonymous said...


Have just read a breakdown of the £21,000 fine Ronnie O'Sullivan received for the UK walkout. I've tried to understand whether the tournament money he has to give back is part of said fine? Can you tell me more...

Also, where does O'Sullivan stand now in the ranking list having lost his 900 points?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

He doesn't go down from fifth because he was 950 points above Ebdon

The £4,050 was the additional money gained from winning his last 16 match - this is what he had to hand back