In the history of snooker, three players stand out as the great crowd pleasers.

Controversial but blessed with genius, they have helped to build the huge audience who follow the game worldwide.

Step forward Alex Higgins, Jimmy White and Ronnie O'Sullivan...

Alex, who turns 59 next week, is, among many other things, a great survivor and can now be booked for personal speaking and corporate engagements:

The mind boggles.

Jimmy is on action on Monday as he tries to get to the Crucible for a 26th time. This excellent article in the Daily Mail reveals how he is cutting back on the wild times to give snooker one last shot:

Ronnie has been left off the official poster for this month's China Open:

There can only be one reason for this: they don't think he's going to go.

However, I have it on very good authority that not only is Ronnie going to go but he's going to go early to attend a 'cultural dinner' with his new Chinese sponsors in Guangzhou.

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Donal said...

Alex Higgins is viewed by many as a wayward scallyway, but from those who know him the assessment is generally closer to 'nasty piece of work'.

A great player in his day undoubtedly, but not a great man. The comments he made to Dennis Taylor (in particular those about his deceased mother), say a lot about him, none of it very positive.