Jimmy White fans – and there are, of course, many of them – can’t watch their hero in next week’s 888.com World Championship but he will be in action in the Championship League on Wednesday and Thursday.

White joins Mark Selby and Gerard Greene in Group 6. There are no seats for spectators but all the action is screened live on the internet on three betting websites – Betfair.com, Bet365.com and Williamhill.com.

Jimmy was beaten 10-3 by Mark King in the final qualifying round of the World Championship and has not been invited to the Premier League next season.

However, he will still get in if he gets into and then wins the Champions Group next month.

White will doubtless have mixed feelings about playing with the World Championship coming up but I’m sure his army of supporters will be willing on his every shot.

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy White's just played his first Championship League match... against Mark King! And this time he won it, 3-1.

Commentator Phil Yates said that if White had played this well at the final Worlds qualifier in March, King would never have beaten him 10-3. Different time, different place, different circumstances...