I understand that Bahrain is the likely location of the tournament in the Middle East World Snooker will announce next week.

I am intrigued to know if this will be a ranking event and what the prize fund will be. Any new tournament is to be welcomed, but players will not welcome this one if it is not open to all of them.

Sir Rodney Walker, the World Snooker chairman, said on BBC Radio 5 Live that it would take place “later this year.” Looking at the calendar, there is only really November free, although every week is taken up currently with the Premier League.

More likely he meant "later this season" which would make February the favourite.

Anyway, Sir Rodney solemnly promised the new event would be announced on Monday.

Let’s hope this is a promise which is kept.


Anonymous said...

"Let’s hope this is a promise which is kept."

Good point, David. It wouldn't be the first tournament which was announced to be announced... and then never heard of again.

cheers, Eric

Anonymous said...

Eric's point is spot on.

Within the last ten years or so, tournaments have been announced for Brazil, Dubai, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, Macau and the Netherlands, none of which ever happened.

The Brazilian one was particularly bizarre, as a couple of government officials actually flew over to London for a press conference to announce the event, but nothing more was ever heard of it.

Anonymous said...


If this new event is in February, either before or after the Welsh Open, will it replace the Malta Cup as I haven't noticed that on the 2008/09 calendar?


Janie said...

We are informed that Malta will also take place.
What is not clear yet is whether it will be invite or ranking, but Maltese players are very upbeat about it taking place.

kimball said...

we watching eursport hope that there will be a proper rankingtournament, again, in the middle east and that they rescedule premier leauge, we can´t see it anyway.


Anonymous said...

I player in the top 16 I am friends with told me last week this event is definitely on and will be a ranking event...no more news other than that so watch this space on the finer details when the official news emerges.

Mr D

Dave H said...

Interesting. Let's hope your friend has been given the right information.

If he has and Malta is on as well there will be 9 ranking events this season - the most since the 2001/02 season.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dave, I have also heard that Malta will be on and is likely to be ranking event too so that is good news if, as you say, the information correct!....Its certainly about time the boys had a bit more of a season to scrap it out over!

Mr D

Anonymous said...

...by the way, as I understand it the Bahrain tourny will be sometime in November.

Mr D

Dave H said...

Very interesting, thank you

By the way, if you ever have any info you think I might be interested in, feel free to email me at snookersceneblog@aol.com

All gratefully received!