So the first day of snooker in 2009 and it's snowing at the Championship League at Crondon Park!

I always thought snooker should be in the Winter Olympics...


Matt@PSB said...

Good day of action that after a slow start, everyone still in with a shot of qualifying too.

Just hope that Hendry can make the top five and secure another two days of action, more match-practice the better.

Ding looked to be in excellent shape.

Anonymous said...

But no results on the WSA website. But then again, they would'nt as thats what people would expect LOL

Anonymous said...

Actually you shouldn´t expect results on WSA Homepage coz it isn´t a WSA Event :D
But you can see results here :


Anonymous said...

I hear it was still bl@@dy freezing at 11 am for the first games in the Baronial Hall yesterday too which dont help the players and the table conditions!

Mr D

Anonymous said...

"to those watching, i am not neal foulds" lol

it was a good start to a (nearly electrifying) day