I am always pleased to receive emails from readers and will do my best to answer them but I get a number on the same subjects so will answer them here.

Q: When will the next Snooker Scene podcast be?
A: Not sure. They are rather time consuming to put together and I’m not sure how successful they were. However, hopefully they will return as the new season continues.

Q: What’s happening with the World Series?
A: The next event is in Prague on October 17/18 followed by one in Warsaw on November 14/15.

Q: How can I write to my favourite player?
A: The best thing is to send your letters to World Snooker and they will pass them on.

Q: I have a rules query. Can you help?
A: I’ll do my best but you can refer to the official rules on worldsnooker.com.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at snookersceneblog@aol.com


Chris said...

I really enjoyed the podcasts so hopefully you can continue with them. How about one with your Eurosport colleague Mike Hallett. Or one I would love to listen to, a podcast with Peter Rook, co-author of the Billiards and Snooker Referees' Handbook.

Anonymous said...

"Q: How can I write to my favourite player?
A: The best thing is to send your letters to World Snooker and they will pass them on."

that is very optimistic.

you can write to your favorite player but with their incompetence the favorite player wont get it.

Matt said...

Personally I think that the majority of the podcasts were very good and worthwhile.

I guess one thing is that for those readers who do not speak English as a first language though, they might be harder to follow and I suspect that there are a lot of overseas readers to cater for.

Still, more would be good at some point. My favourites were probably the one with Phil Yates and the Joe Johnson one.

Anonymous said...


If we're having to get interviews with the author of the Referee's Handbook then this sport is finished. It's the players who need to be interviewed; they need to take some responsibility to talk to the media and keep the sport in the public eye.

Janie (EBSA Media) said...

regarding rules queries or questions for referees... the team from the EBSRA would be delighted to assist with any queries, and to welcome new trainee referees.

see www.ebsa.tv for contact details.

For people who don't have English as their first language we do have a number of translations in various languages available of the official rules.

Janie said...

For getting letters to your fave players. usually the best and quickest way is to write c/o of the venue of the tournament they're at.
Make sure your letter arrives in time for first day, in case your fave gets beat early!

So for up and coming events you can write c/o Kelvin Hall for the leading players.

I know these letters gets passed directly to the players on their arrival.

Don't forget, as a courtesy to include an sae if you're expecting a reply.

Donal said...

I also really enjoyed the podcasts and would love to see more. If I had one criticism it would be that the delivery was rather awkward

- go to this webpage
- sign up/login
- download
- import to iPod

If you could just subscribe via iTunes it would probably have got a lot more listeners.

Anonymous said...

I love the podcasts and thought they would be coming thick and fast as the first batch did. My favourite was the interview with John Higgins. I dearly hope there will more podcasts with some of the games top players over the last decade or more. I'm thinking the rest of the big 4 for starters although I'll leave O'Sullivan up to you Dave!

Anonymous said...

When are the top players going to join the modern age and all have websites and blogs for their admirers to keep in touch? Who sends letters anymore?

Dave H said...

That's a good point and one that I've made before.

However, I understand 110sport will incorporate this feature into their website with their players and I'm aware of a top player launching a website very soon.

Anonymous said...

Who is this "big 4" anon 08:33 speaks of? Why would you want podcasts of Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool on a snooker blog?

Anonymous said...

Podcasts were very much enjoyed and any players would be of interest

Claus Christensen said...

Hendry would be nice although my all time favorite would be Steve Davis. I would love for him to have a long chat with Dave.

Anonymous said...

personally id prefer some of the younger players to be on pod-cast so that we get to know their personality and interests.

theres nothing to gain for the sport having Hendry,Davis or Jimmy White its been done to death and everyone knows all about them.