World champion John Higgins is the second man through to the winners' group of the Championship League after a 3-1 victory over Ali Carter in the group 2 final at Crondon Park Golf Club in Essex tonight.

Higgins finished the match just in time to watch the tail end of his appearance on BBC's Celebrity Mastermind, where he finished joint third with former Tory leader Michael Howard.

After a promising start answering questions on US soap Dallas, Higgins struggled in the general knowledge round.

But on the table he had no such problems. He was in trouble when he trailed Judd Trump 2-0 in the semi-finals but fought back to beat him 3-2 before beatng Carter to join his fellow Scot Stephen Maguire in the final group in March.

"Stephen was giving me a bit of stick as he had already made it through and he was relaxing at the spa in the hotel enjoying himself so it's good to get through," Higgins said.

"The Championship is a great tournament and one of the main reasons why I won the World Championship last year. It's great match practise for all the boys and the practise you get against the best players in the world is invaluable.

"There's a real buzz about snooker at the moment with Barry Hearn coming in and we're hoping he could bring his skills of promotion to the game.

"It's been a real kick up the backside for the sport and hopefully we can grow as a sport and have people talking about us in good terms instead of negative ones as snooker is still obviously a good sport."


Anonymous said...

If this league is so good then why can't anyone turn up to watch? what are they trying to hide?

Dave H said...

There isn't room for spectators

mathsisfun said...

I've just noticed they've got news of the Championship league on the worldsnooker website.
I'm sure they didn't have any updates about anything to do with Premier League snooker while Mr Walker was in charge. Is that right?

Dave H said...

Yes. The previous regime didn't recognise any other tournaments than those promoted by World Snooker.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at John's 'Four Cheeses' answer on Mastermind. He came across very well indeed, if a little scatty on the general knowledge.

Mal said...

Well played to the two Scots. Hopefully Mark Allen can topple John Higgins at the masters.

Unrelated, but do you know if Clive Everton is commentating at the masters?

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

Have you seen the massive stitch up by London Transport and/or TFL? All three tube lines going to Wembley are closed on Sunday 10th plus the one overground line too. This will no doubt have an impact on attendances as the only way to get there by public transport is by bus. There is also major distruption the weekend after too. I am going to have to leave at silly o'clock to get there for the morning session and goodness knows what time I'll be home after the evening session.

Granted, people could always drive but with the current weather a lot would rather not, plus some want to relax and have a beer. Also, not everyone drives.

It's probably a bit too late for Sunday but World Snooker should consider organising some shuttle buses to the nearest tube and rail stations operating next weekend. If the final is another late one some people will be stranded.

Any views?

jamie brannon said...

Clive is not commentating according to the Radio Times. Interesting interview with Jimmy White on the BBC Sport website, saying he would get back into top 32 as he is in the forties, clearly has not checked the provisional list.

Anonymous said...

Dave do you know what the situation is with Stephen Hendry regarding if he will be able to make it forMonday.I hear the weather is very bad where he is.

Anonymous said...

Off topic Dave but who are you tipping for the Master's, after the uk and your Ding prediction i wait with baited breath :) ....

Anonymous said...

This event should be a ranking event. It's just stupid not to make it one.

Dave H said...

Betfair have taken me off tipping duties straight after I tipped Ding last month!

However, I would probably go for Shaun Murphy

Anonymous said...

The Statement from Barry Hearn the W/S new Chairman.
At this stage all I can promise the membership of the WPBSA is total transparency, coupled with a regular supply of truthful information.
Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear David
How are you! Thanks lad for showing the “Fine Art” posts. Especially showing clearly the worldwide © copyright symbols. It took courage Dave and has probable made you a few enemy’s but also many, many friends as integrity and honesty can’t be bought.

Enough said on that Dave! I’ve just read where the bold Ronnie O is considering moving on to coaching the youngsters of the future. This proves how clever the lad is as there is more money in coaching the game (if copyright) than winning trophies. Mr Hey you

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Dave
How are you! I wonder if John Higgins will be invited by the BBC to write a play on "Dallas" the American Soap. Mr hey you