A word on Shaun Murphy, the third qualifier for the winners' group of the Championship League last night.

Murphy trailed Mark King 2-0 but produced back-to-back total clearances of 139 and 137 to draw level.

King was in on 41 in the decider but was very unlucky to knock a red in while potting the black and going into the pack. From this, Murphy made 80 for victory.

There was no crowd and no ranking points on offer but the fact remains that snooker is an exceptionally difficult game to play and Murphy made it look ridiculously easy.

I see a lot of snooker during the season and probably get a little complacent about how good these players are.

And afterwards, Murphy and King conducted their own sporting post mortem in the tournament office, Murphy telling King how unlucky he had been, King admitting that he could have gone out of the tournament earlier that day and congratulating Murphy on his performance.

Murphy returns in the winners' group with Mark Selby, Mark Williams and the winners of the next four groups.

Stephen Hendry, Mark Allen and Matthew Stevens enter group 4 at Crondon Park today.


Anonymous said...

Shaun Murphy is a fantastic player but seems to struggle for consistency. He also gets a lot of unnecessary stick from people.

simon said...

Shaun murphy is an great player, i love his long game, his break building i hope he wins the shoot out, and the world c, in may.

Anonymous said...

Shaun Murphy has everything in his locker except the mastery of cannons, which is something you've either got, or you ain't got and he ain't got.

Anonymous said...

Shaun is a credit to the Christian Fellowship of Harlow in Essex.

He is led by Jesus Christ, Son of God.