Eurosport will screen live coverage of the Chinalife Xingpai Hainan Classic, a new invitation event taking place next week.

The tournament features 12 members of the world's top 16 and all four days will be live on Eurosport2.

World champion Neil Robertson, world no.1 John Higgins, Chinese hero Ding Junhui and other top stars such as Ali Carter, Shaun Murphy and Stephen Hendry are set to play alongside local wildcards.

And 1985 world champion Dennis Taylor has also received an unlikely call-up to take part, having played in the first event staged in China in 1985.

Provisional TV times (CET, for UK time deduct one hour):
Thursday, March 10: 7-10am, 12-3pm
Friday, March 11: 7-10am, 12-3pm
Saturday, March 12: 7-10am, 1.45-3pm
Sunday, March 13: 7-10am, 14.15-3pm


Leon in Kaunas said...

I not sure that Dennis Taylors should accept invitations as it would be better to give to player and country who in more need.

Country like Brazil and Spain players or Icelandics do better to promote sport.

Godspeed said...

Great news. It is like wall to wall snooker these days. Hope they are flying you to Hainan for the event Dave.

Anonymous said...

dave can comment just as well from an office in england

Anonymous said...

Big prize money available here, too.
£200k in total.
The winner will get more than for winning the recent Welsh Open.

Witz78 said...

Dont be fooled by the 200k prize money claims.

last time i added up..

40k (winner)
18k (runner up)
7k (semi finalists x 2)
3.5k (2nd place in group x 4)
1.5k (3rd place in group x 4)
0.5k (4th place in group x 4)
1k (top break prize)
5k (147 break prize)

...it only came to 100k

David Caulfield said...

Eurosport: Champion Broadcasters!

snookerbacker said...

Excellent news, thought my week off would consist of staring at the World Snooker scoreboard but can now watch some too. But what Dennis is doing there is anyone's guess.

Dave H said...

I think having Dennis there to do trickshots and general ambassadorial work is a good idea, indeed they should extend it to other tournaments.

Whether he should be playing, though, is questionable.

TazMania said...

At least 110 sport are doing tournament at last! Really happy eurosport are showing it, hopefully they will show the Brazilian masters and the world cup next year along with the two new ranking tournaments

Anonymous said...

Which 4 aren't going?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Dennis Taylor as opposed to say, Steve Davis?


Dave H said...

Davis is playing in the world qualifiers at the time

Sparky said...

I must say I don't like when they call a brand new tournament a "CLASSIC"...

Anonymous said...


do you want them to call it "the newbie"?

get a grip of yourself!!

Anonymous said...

"Davis is playing in the world qualifiers at the time"

it is unbelievable that Dave had to explain that to people....

Come on Get with it.

Wills said...

Is there any news on who might be televising the PTC Finals as we're not far away now? Would've thought something would have been annouced

On this tournament, sounds interesting, would be good to see Dennis Taylor in action, always a crowd pleaser & entertainer

Dave H said...

The PTC finals will also be on Eurosport

Anonymous said...

Dennis with his crazy glasses.
It'll be such a hoot until someone has a fluke against him then the fun ends with immediate effect.

Anonymous said...

Whose place is Taylor taking out of the original 16 that were announced?

Also who will be the host broadcaster for the PTC finals - will it be RTE or are TG4 involved again?

Dave H said...

The host broadcaster is Eurosport

Hopefully the confirmed 16 for Hainan will be announced tomorrow

Anonymous said...


do not be so picky. it was only a small error

jamie brannon said...

Why was this event not know until recently?

I don't think it is outrageous to have Taylor for a one-off, as many others would have been unavailable and invitation events are about getting bums on seats and being, if you like, cartels and not about what's right.

I thought the PTC Finals might have been on have been on ITV 4, seems they were not too engaged by Power snooker to further their involvement.