All that’s left this season, then, is the biggest tournament of them all.

From now until April 16 this blog will be counting down to the Crucible. If you’ve seen the ‘war’ edition of The Day Today then it’ll be a little bit like that. Nothing else will matter.

I will be writing a series called ‘Crucible Stories.’ These are reminiscences from the tournament over the years, however is not necessarily a ‘greatest moments’ countdown, more a collection of anecdotes, some personal, from the event’s recent past.

I will also be looking at a few stats in an attempt to predict what might happen on the table, but I’m not going to get too much into making a case for this player or that because you all know who the likely winners will be and why.

One thing I do believe: unless, for some unlikely reason, the conditions are bad, this year’s World Championship, coming off the back of a season of intensive action, will be one of the best we’ve ever seen.

There are a number of players playing really well and it means the 17 day snooker marathon will be not only as fascinating as ever but also a fine spectacle.

Let the countdown begin...


Betty Logan said...

I'm going to make a prediction: John Higgins will win it and then never win another ranking tournament!

Sparky said...

This is not the only tournament that's left this season, is it? What about the Scottish professional champs?


Hi David. I am sure that whatever happens, we are in for a great 2011 World Championship. A championship worthy to join the countless others, rich in the history of Snooker.

As a Real hardcore Snooker fan, Myself, I can not wait. Bring it on.