Amateur snooker players are being given the chance to play in next year’s Q School for free through a new event, the Snookerbacker Classic.

Snookerbacker runs a snooker and betting website and once forced me to drink copious amounts of alcohol against my will at Wembley.

He has decided to give a budding star a leg up by running four qualifying events later this year leading up to an overall final.

The winner of this will have their £1,000 entry fee to Q School paid and also receive free entry to four PTCs. The overall runner-up will also receive free entry to Q School. Full details on how it works and how to enter are here.

It seems to me it isn’t a bad time to be an amateur, although of course everybody wants to be a professional.

Twenty years ago there was a thriving pro-am scene in the UK but this was effectively killed off when the pro game went open.

But now amateurs can play alongside the pros in the PTCs, gaining valuable experience and the possibility of qualifying for the main tour.

There’s also the Q School and various other events although, of course, almost all of this is based in the UK.

Still, if you have a cue and the ambition then give it a go. It’s what every player you’ve seen winning tournaments on TV do over the years.

And maybe one day we’ll be watching you on our screens.


Sparky said...

Let's not forget that the World Open is also open to some amateurs.

If there IS a World Open this season, that is...

Betty Logan said...

I notice Snookerbacker is going to refund the finalists at each event their entry fee. When I suggested that for the Q School, pointing out that it was harsh to lose £1000 if you miss out on a tour place by a single frame, everyone was lining up (Dave and Janie Watkins included) to say it was a stupid idea. Anyway, good on Snookerbacker for introducing a bit of fairness. Great idea and I hope we get more events likes this.

Dave H said...

I didn't say it was stupid. I said World Snooker is a business not a charity.

Also, there's no such thing as 'fairness' in sport. They all had the same chance at Q School. The ones who got through deserve their place and their money refunded, the ones that didn't, er, didn't.

jamie brannon said...

If they all had the same chance then to me that is fair.

You can never get total fairness but you can reach a certain level of equal opportunity. For me, individual sports are a lot fairer playing level than team sports where the distribution of television money distorts the picture.

Nice to see Ronnie letting everyone know that he means business this season. Would love him to come storming back this season and silence those who are keen to see him eradicated from the sport entirely because they get peeved over him getting more attention or doing slightly controversial things.

Anonymous said...

ahhh, ronnie does a bit better in a little competition and already jamie brannon is using it as little peanut ammunition.

id love him to come storming back as he is a very good player and is good to watch.

if he continues to do controversial things and say stupid comments then yeah, id be happy to see him drift off.

Anonymous said...

Trump, Hendry, Ronnie and Williams are all players I'd like to see do well this season. And Steve Davis of course! He can at least aim for a PTC victory.

snookerbacker said...

I'd just like to make it clear that it was Mr Hendon himself forcing me to drink too many bottled lagers.

Thanks for the article Dave, much appreciated.

Thanks as well for the positive comments about it. It's a risk of course, but if you don't take a risk..etc. Hopefully it will be a success, I'm hoping to add to the prize fund as the months go on.

Dave H said...

£4 a pop, let's not forget!

Matt said...

£4? Glad I'm teetotal.

Anonymous said...

id like to meet dave when hes pished