John Higgins has won 24 ranking titles but only four outside the UK and would admit himself that he is not the best traveller.

His defeat to Matt Selt was unexpected, particularly as he had been 4-1 up, but Higgins, who had flown from Thailand to Australia the night before the afternoon match, looked exhausted.

Still, credit to Selt who is through to the last 16 of a ranking event for the first time in his career. His reward is a meeting with Stephen Hendry tonight.

Ali Carter joined Higgins on the plane home after losing 5-3 to Marcus Campbell and sounded pretty pleased about it.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s great we have all these tournaments but I can’t wait to get home to be honest,” said Carter, who had also played in the Wuxi Classic in China and World Cup in Bangkok.

“I’ve a boy who is 18 months old and I've not seen him for three weeks so that's more important to me to get home and be with my family.

“It’s been a long time away and by the time I got here my heart wasn’t in it and that showed in my performance. If I had just come here and not done the other two then it would’ve been different.”

Neil Robertson spends up to nine months of the year away from his family and Aussie friends but, for once, gets to play in front of them this week.

He made a good start, beating Nigel Bond 5-2 on a table as fast as an ice rink. It wasn’t world beating stuff from Robertson but there were certainly no signs of him feeling any pressure of being the local favourite.

Some more big guns enter the fray today: Mark Williams, Mark Selby and Ding Junhui.

Ding’s match against Stuart Bingham will be the live TV attraction in the evening session and is of course a rematch of their last 16 encounter at last season’s World Championship, in which Ding came from 12-9 down to win 13-12.

Meanwhile, some good news for those – I suspect the majority – who mourned the loss of the 147 bonus prize.

It’s back, but with a twist: £5,000 per ranking tournament rolled over if nobody makes one.

This was an idea myself and others floated and one used by Barry Hearn’s PDC in darts for nine dart checkouts.

Common sense appears to have prevailed. Making a 147 remains a special achievement and a financial prize helps to recognise that.


TazMania said...

Dave, Would this £5000 roll over apply to PTC's and non ranking events or will it apply only to the majors rankers?

Dave H said...

I assume only the TV events, not PTCs

Trevor said...

500 quid for the ptcs which also rolls over its up on world snooker.just taught of this dave what happens if there are no maxis this season would the total roll over to next season, or would they start back at 5 bags of sand again ?

likahokeith said...

Outside TV events,there's also contain a similar system but only £500

Anonymous said...

"There will be an additional £500 for all Players Tour Championship events and non-televised matches in major ranking events should a maximum break be achieved and similar rules will apply as above." (c) WorldSnooker

wild said...

my understanding thats for ranking events but theres another pot of £500 that will be rolling in to PTC and Qualifiers.

am i right ?

kildare cueman said...

Interesting comment by Carter. As a man who likes a small pre tournament flutter, I hadn't considered that some players might not be too disappointed at losing so they could get home.

This will probably be a feature of future tournaments, as top players, many with families at home, will be that little bit less motivated for overseas events than those in the UK.

Todays young pros, some of them bound to be top 16 players of the future, will have no such compunction.

From the start, they will be travelling here there and everywhere, and unlike todays top players, bred on a UK circuit with an odd trip away, they will be as comfortable in Shanghai or Berlin as they'd be in Sheffield, a bit like tennis pros.

Of the current crop of pros I suppose Ding and Robertson will be the least disadvantaged by constant globetrotting, but they've had to travel for years so good luck to them.

Glad to see the rolling max prize implemented. I wonder how a prize would go for a 16 red clearance,a tournament record (148 or over) and a 155. All fairly unlikely I know, but it would be a shame if it happened and had no prize.

John F said...

I'd assume it would just be for majors. The way the PDC system works is that Pro Tour (non-televised) events have a £400 prize that rolls over, but TV majors have a £5,000 rolling prize.

Anonymous said...

what match will eurosport be covering 10.30 am

Ding v Bingham or Hendry v Selt


Hi David. I was somewhat shocked to see Higgins lose from 4-1 up, 5-4. Credit must. however, go to Matthew Selt.

After a scrappy first frame, Neil Robertson showed great consisacy, in my view, again Nigel Bond. A local favourite who did not bow to pressure today.

As for the Maximum 147 break prize's return, I am Delighted it has doine so. A 147 is still an art to gain. it greatly deseves an extra prize.

I well remember in Septber 2010, at The World Open, Ronnie O'Sullivan asked Referee Jan Verhaas, after potting one red and black, what the 147 break prize was. Told there was no extra prize, O'Sullivan made 140 and (almost)refused to pot the final black, due to the absence of an extra prize. Verhaas thankfully, for us fans asked him to pot the black and he did.

He would not have atteptmed to refuse the final black if an extra prize was there.

A lesson leaned for this season, may be in that regard, I think.

Dave H said...

Ding v Bingham

Anonymous said...

would somebody PLEASE explain to mike hallet what a cross double is?

dont give me the crap that hes an ex top player.

that may be so in some peoples opinion...doesnt stop him not knowing what a double is and a cross double.


oh dave, your comments are good!

Mike said...

This isn't that new a concept, is it? Players not doing as well when they have a family.

I know there is a lot more tournaments now, so you might see it translate in different ways. But even when tournaments were in short supply, players with young families dropped down the rankings quite regularly, as spending time with the family took priority over practising.

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder how the 90s would have turned out if Davis hadn't got married. Hendry was struggling to crack him until personal distractions took away his focus.

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Copyright.

Hi Dave
How are you! About the 147 money.

Its amazing the extream measures Barry will go to entise Ronnie back to the fold.
Will Ronnie have to play with one hand behind his back?
Or dictate three shots a head that he must adhear to--or else.Mr Hey You

Anonymous said...

Lol @ the cross double for Mike Hallett, haven't noticed that one but I have noticed that Joe Johnson seems to call it the 'bauk' end of the table instead of the baulk end lol

jamie brannon said...

Mark Williams is my tip for the title. I'm saying this without knowing todays results, but like the look of his section of the draw.

jamie brannon said...

What's the quality of the Eurosport player like? I'm thinking of getting an account.

Wait for the magazine then on the World Cup. I hope it didn't come across as a dig as to why it wasn't done, understand your busy. Was just interested as it was a new type of event for many players, disappointed to not be able to watch

Claus said...

Thanks Dave for twisting Barry's arm. The shameful months of having the 147 go unrewarded will perhaps one day be forgotten.

As snooker grows I'm sure the prize will be raised to at least 10,000.

Anonymous said...

what has this subject got to do with the fine fart method?

Johan said...

@ jamie brannon: video quality of the Eurosportplayer is very much ok; you'll have to take some "buffering" at some times - also it's often without commentary, but personally I don't mind. For that money, get yourself an account; I've got one for about 3 years now and never regretted it...

Anonymous said...

do you get to choose tables johy?

Johan said...

Yes, at some tournaments - not on the Aussie on for example.

Anonymous said...

thank you. you a ref?

jamie brannon said...

A little peturbed by the lack of commentary, can't see why that cannot be added. However, still going to consider it when another busy snooker month arrives on Eurosport.

Was reading that Selt was once accused of paying someone a grand to lose a match so that he could claim a main tour spot. I guess there was never any validity in these allegations.

Anonymous said...

i think selt is very good friends with neil robertson