After a day of mismatches on the main table, PTC6 in Warsaw was brought to life last night by two exciting young guns and the oldest potter in town.

Judd Trump and Jack Lisowski, housemates and practice partners, survived scares in the last 64 before eventually taking their places in the last 16 tomorrow.

Trump was hit by an inspired Tian Pengfei comeback but finally potted a terrific pink in the decider which was worthy of winning any match.

Lisowski won his first match on TV as a professional by edging out Australian Open champion Stuart Bingham 4-3.

These two talents are a breath of fresh air for the sport. They play an attractive, attacking game but also have personality and are committed to interacting with their fans on social networking sites such as Twitter.

Snooker has been around a long time but Judd and Jack truly belong to the modern age and the game will look to them to pull in the next generation of fans.

When Steve Davis was about their age he was turning professional in 1978, a very different time for the game.

The idea of playing a professional tournament in Poland back then would have been laughable.

But at the age of 54, Davis has also booked his last 16 place, despite his trusty old cue going missing on the flight over.

Thankfully it has been returned to its legendary owner, who continues to defy the conventions of sport by pulling out good results long after his prime.

Davis said this week that he is working hard again. He has always loved a challenge and his latest is to remain on the circuit and halt the slide down the rankings.

He will stay in the top 48 when the new seedings are announced on Monday and although snooker players usually keep on falling when they begin a decline, if anyone is going to buck the trend it will be Davis, whose lifelong love affair with snooker shows no signs of abating.

He already has the MBE and OBE. How about a knighthood for this old warhorse of the green baize?


Mark Halliwell said...

Could not agree more Dave. Steve Davis should definitely have a knight hood. Agree too about Trump and Lisowski. Looking forward to a few years time when they are one and two in the world!

Colin M said...

Arise, Sir Steve! One was disappointed in 1985 but one recognises one's achievements in this sport of gentlemen....

Greg P said...

Why doesn't Steve double up his cue as a walking stick? Then they'd have to let him take it on the plane with him.

CJ de Mooi said...

I can't see anyone more deserving in the world of sport who deserves a knighthood more than Steve Davis. A third of a century at the top of his profession and a tireless ambassador promoting snooker all over the world!

doctorcue147 said...

A knighthood for Steve is long overdue. His contribution to snooker is unsurpassed. If public opinion can get Brucie a knighthood, we should do the same to reward Steve for his years of dedication to the game. Let's pull together and tweet him his gong!

jamie brannon said...

Jack Lisowski played on TV at the Welsh Open, didn't he? I remember thinking what a stylish player.

Davis deserves a knighthood if those things actually meant anything. I personally think Benjamin Zepheniah refusing a honour from the queen should be adopted by all.

I recall Davis once saying he would retire when his age was higher than his ranking! Long may he defy the odds.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, how has he NOT got a knighthood at this stage?

And when's Clive getting his MBE?

Anonymous said...

Forget knighthood, make him king! The Nugget belongs on the throne.

Witz78 said...

Yeh youve got to admire Steve playing in the likes of Brazil and Poland aged 54 when hes been there and done it all a long time ago whilst the current modern day superstars choose to stay at home instead.

After sliding down the rankings last season, mainly due to skipping the new PTC events that his sidekick Hearns new tour had introduced, hes now realised the severity of the battle to remain on tour and ironically it could be the PTCs this season that provide a lifeline. Thats 10 wins already this season and the shorter roll on roll off format actually seems to suit Davis.

Heres hoping he keeps the momentum going and makes a few venues this season as i miss him playing BIG games now.

Anonymous said...

Sports people are not heroes. They don't deserve any major accolade from the country. Fire fighters, soldiers and so forth do.

Sports is a profession and for personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Normally Seifer I would agree but I think we can make an exception for a man like Steve Davis who has spent over 30 years travelling the world spreading snooker to millions.

Anonymous said...

And for the fact that civil honours are a chivalric order, not for being a "hero", that's what the George Medal is for. The honours are primarily for recognising servitude to your country outside of regular employment. Obviously the system is regularly abused and has become laughable. I'm not sure if Davis deserves a kighthood by the old criteria (I preferred it when they gave them out for climbing Everest and things like that) but he easily qualifies by the modern standard. I think if he hangs on to his tour place until 60 he'll get one.

jamie brannon said...

People can get a honour in those professions, but like I said the whole system is a joke.

It would mean more to me if Steve Davis received the lifetime achievement award at BBC Sports Personality of the Year. He's at an age where he would be ripe for selection, given previous winners included Martina Navratilova, George Best and David Beckham!

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for Phil Taylor to win that. It is a travesty he hasn't won the greatest of all time tag for any sport/game.

John McBride said...

Just noticed that you have referred to Steve Davis receiving a knighthood in this particular article, so excuse me please Dave.

My sentiments towards the fella receiving a knighthood are the same though.
I've also expressed them on Sky Text page 459 too (October 3rd).