This Betfred.com World Championship is beginning to take a rather unpredictable turn with a few shock results livening it up.

The great thing about sport is that, for all the predictions, talk of the form book and endless chatter which surrounds the actual action, until play happens nobody really knows what the results will be.

It’s clear the eight or nine players widely tipped to be in contention for the title are not all having it their own way.

John Higgins stuttered through while Mark Allen and Shaun Murphy have exited. Stephen Lee trails Andrew Higginson 5-4 overnight.

Cao Yupeng’s defeat of Allen was a big surprise. Jamie Jones’s victory over Murphy was perhaps less of one given his form coming into the tournament.

Jones had a great chance to win 10-7 but couldn’t take it. He missed match ball red for 10-8 before later knocking it in.

He couldn’t help himself and punched the air in delight. This may have looked unsporting but it was an instinctive and entirely understandable release of emotion.

Good for Jamie. He is known as a hard worker and this is the best result of his professional career.

The Ronnie O’Sullivan-Peter Ebdon encounter, which many felt was the tie of the round, at the moment looks like ending in a comfortable victory for O’Sullivan.

As I wrote before the tournament, O’Sullivan could be better mentally prepared this time, as opposed to 2005, because he knew what was coming.

The first frame seemed important. O’Sullivan won it on a re-spotted black. Had he lost it then it may have been a different story, but he looked solid and would be expected to come through from 7-2 up.

This morning Judd Trump enters the fray a year on from his Crucible heroics.

Again, most people are tipping him for success against Dominic Dale but he still has to produce the goods.

The soap opera that is the World Championship is not going to script so far. Even some of the biggest characters are in danger of being written out long before the final act.


Anonymous said...


Are you at the crucible?
It seems to be very warm this year.
Lots of players are wiping their faces.

Ruthie said...

Jamie apologised for his celebration in his BBC interview after the match. Not sure if he did the same for the main press conference. Is there a middle ground whereby players can show their delight without being thought unsporting? David Gilbert has also apologised this week. It's not like they're footballers taunting the rival stands. I think it's nice for them to be able to show some emotion. What have their opponents thought?

John Michael White said...

I think if it's a genuine outburst of emotion then it's fine, players should feel free to show some passion.

It should only be considered unsporting if they do it for the benefit of their opponent, or to wind someone up.

If winning looks like a big deal to players it's because of this : it's the World Championship - is a big deal!

Glen B said...

Not related to this post (sorry to hijack) but after a ruling - and wondered if you Dave, or any readers can help??

Years ago I played a match (was about 15 years old) and it came down to the final black. My opponent left me a very easy chance, so I potted it, but with the other end of my cue! (not very sporting I know, but it was a friendly match amongst mates).

My opponent called a foul and claimed the match - I said no foul and claimed the match.

Who was right??

Dave H said...

I asked Joe Johnson - he says foul!

Anonymous said...

fairly certain their opponents fully undertood it was emotion that brought the celebration and it wasnt anything to do with rubbing in their victory

Anonymous said...

1258, did you not check the rules?

Michael said...

Foul it is, you must strike the cue ball with the tip of the cue. (Section 2.6 of the rules)

Anonymous said...

Foul bet you was the BUTT of the jokes afterwards bwhahahaha...

Glen B said...

Thanks people and Joe! :o)

I lost then lol


Hi David. A few shock results so far, but, that is what can happen, as we know.

Another great day's play, in my view.

Trump .V. Dale. A good session, for Trump, considering, he wasn't well. 1-0 to Dale. A black-ball first frame. Dale did well to lead 3-1. Trump, will be delighted, I expect, to be 5-4 ahead, over-night.

Ding .v. Day - Agood standard from both, including, a Ding Century break. Day led 3-1 and 5-3, but Ding, to his pleasure, won frame nine. 5-4, over-night, to Ryan Day.

O'Sullivan .V. Ebdon - 7-2 up, O,Sullivan made a great clearance, from behind, to lead, 8-2. Ebdon stuck at it, but not at his best. O'Sullivan, a 10-4 winner, and the better player, in this match, in my view, anyway.

Dott .V. Perry - Perry impressive in parts. Dott, a poor performance. In my view, he did himself no favours, saying, to get his form, would be "A minor miracle." You should not think like that at ant event, most of all, The World Championship, in my view. Dennis Taylor, who commentated on the game, for the B.B.C, had the same view.

Perry lead 8-0, before dott won fame nine. Perry leads, 8-1, over-night.

Lee .v. Higginson - The under-dog, was the better player, on the night. 5-4 ahead, Higginson was to lead 6-4 and 7-5. Lee did well to make it 7-6. Higginson, then played three very good style frame, to win 10-6. Lee did not play bad, Higginson played slightly better. Most of all, in the later stages of the match. Andrew Higginson .V. Jamie Jones, in round two, now. who would have thought that? The Crucible, can provide anything.

Selby .V. Hawkins - Selby, recovering from a neck injury, was 3-1 down. Hawkins, having played well. Selby did well to take the next two frames. 3-3. Hawkins led 4-3, having played a good sventh frame. A brea of 63 giving him ths lead.

Frame 8 - Selby's poor safety shot, leaving a red, over a pocket, leads to Hawkins making a break of 60-plus. This, a catalyst, after Selby, so nearly successfully, battled for, four snooker's, getting three of them, to Hawkins taking the frae, and, a 5-3 lead.

In frame nine, Hawkins was first in, positionally unlucky.Hawkins won a safety battle, made not much, off a Selby error. Selby missed a black off it's spot. From there, Hawkins did enough to clinch the frame. He leads. Hawkins leads, 6-3, over-night.

Stat Of The Day -

Today, 24- 4-2012, is the 581'st day of play, at The Crucible, in the World Professional Championship, since this event first came to The Crucible, in 1977. 35 years ago. I, can't wait, for day 582, of play in this event, at The Crucible, Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

what if youve got a tip glued to the butt?

Anonymous said...

You would have too much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

If you have a tip glued to your butt i'd recommend a trip to A&E sharpish!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You would have too much time on your hands.

10:36 AM

would i?

even if someone else done it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
If you have a tip glued to your butt i'd recommend a trip to A&E sharpish!!

11:03 AM
you would recomment i fall?

see, we can all pretend something else was meant.

Anonymous said...

Go line up in your doctors surgery and get to the end of the cue!

Anonymous said...

the butt end of the cue?

jamie brannon said...

I agree, players shouldn't feel bad about it.

My only issue would be if they did it consistently throughout the match, it isn't conducive to their game for one, if they keep doing it. Not that anyone does.

Anonymous said...

was there a point to that post jamie?