Paul Hunter was among the first players to support the German Open, a pro-am which has now become a PTC and which will be staged once again this week as the Paul Hunter Classic.

Paul was a favourite in Germany just as he was everywhere else. It’s six years now since he died but over the next few days he will once again be remembered.

The EPTCs are now branded as the Betfair European Tour, with an overall sponsor but still part of the Players Tour Championship and with a slightly increased prize fund.

The venue in Furth usually attracts many spectators. Germany has taken snooker to its heart with enthusiastic but respectful crowds.

Stephen Maguire, already a winner and runner-up in PTCs this season, has not entered and neither, of course, has Ronnie O’Sullivan but it is otherwise a high quality line-up.

The PTCs feature star names, experienced professionals, newcomers and amateurs so there is a real mix of both achievement and standard.

Michael Leslie, a young Scot newly qualified for the professional circuit after winning the European under 21 title, will play John Higgins, a player he has long looked up to, in the first round.

Another new pro, Sean O’Sullivan, faces Mark Selby and, for the amateurs, there is the chance for TV exposure against other well known faces.

There is only one TV table but this alone has in the past meant that a top player usually wins the title. Last year in Furth it was Selby. Judd Trump won in Antwerp and Neil Robertson in Killarney and Warsaw.

The German snooker public, as anywhere, have their favourites but they seem to love the game first and foremost and I’m sure they’ll be treated to some high quality snooker over the next few days.

Eurosport’s live coverage starts on Friday morning.


jamie brannon said...

Does anyone when O'Sullivan is set to return? I thought perhaps signing his contract late made him ineligible for a little while.

There is a slot in the calendar for an invitation event in October. Could this be the second staging of the Brazilian Masters?

Gerard said...

Thanx Jamie, for proving that the majority of this snooker crowd is only interested in talking shait.

A terrible shame that Daves articles about crap oranisations/people get loads of responses, while an article as this gets none .. or, well .. this post by you. And you want to become a teacher? God help us all.

It still saddens me thinking of Paul Hunter, who was such a great player and person.

Anonymous said...

It's more than likely the Power Shite spot, Jamie. I'd be astonished if the Brazilian Masters is staged again. O'Sullivan will be returning in the International Open as far as I know, although he may turn up in Power Shite or the odd PTC before then.

Anonymous said...

past caring about your hero jamie...

well done the indian who beat the scotsman.

eurosport coverage is shocking.

last few tournaments you can hear randoms talking over the commentary a lot of the time. not professional at all.

Anonymous said...

this guy advani is a great tactician. watched him match davis on livesnooker the other day and tonight against higgins.could he be a ranking tournament winner, time will tell but there is something about him the way he walks around the table..maybe he is just another good player but to turn pro at 27 and get these good results with todays standards is a great achievment.

Anonymous said...

Jamie - who cares? Dave's post was nothing to do with ROS, do all roads have to lead back to him?

Mike said...

Stop moaning and be thankful a channel gives as much coverage as it does.

Anonymous said...

mike, who is saying im not thankful?

who is to say i shouldnt moan?

not you!!

ill do what i want.

this blog is for comments. im commenting on topic and no offensively.

stop moaning about people moaning ;) (irony)

jamie brannon said...

Dave mentioned O'Sullivan not entering so wondered if that was his choice or he was ineligible.

I've had a generic email through from Janie Watkins saying O'Sullivan will be in the field for UK PTC3, starting on Spetember 5th, although the big names come in on the 7th.

A potential ranking event lined up for March, it is exciting times for the game. I feel with the epic sporting summer out of the way, it is time to go snooker loppy again.

The real sporting buzz of the autumn/winter is always the football/snooker seasons.