The two Betfair German Masters semi-finals yesterday weren’t exactly classics but Ali Carter and Marco Fu need not care because they will contest the final today.

The Tempodrom was packed but the standard was not as consistently high as the vast crowd were hoping. Then again, semi-finals are often tense, edgy affairs with a big prize of a final place in sight.

The big surprise for me was how poorly Neil Robertson played. In full flight he is an intimidating presence at the table but his positional play let him down and he seemed to go flat.

Carter won with a highest break of just 46. However, he did pot several crunch balls, including a doubled red to lead 5-1.

He was joined in the final last night by Fu, who beat Barry Hawkins 6-4 in a match in which the general pace of play better suited the Hong Kong cueist, although towards the end he started to score really heavily.

Carter has won two ranking titles, the 2009 Welsh Open and 2010 Shanghai Masters. He has twice been runner-up in the World Championship and was a semi-finalist in the UK Championship two months ago.

He can be a feisty competitor, a player who frequently shows his emotions and in this way the polar opposite of Fu, who invariably keeps them hidden.

Fu’s only ranking title to date is the 2007 Grand Prix but he has since been runner-up in the UK Championship and the Masters.

Fu recently became a father and is hoping to build on personal contentment by hitting another professional high.

He has been let down over the years by inconsistency of performance, which is hard to explain and, I suspect, hard for him to understand.

Let’s hope the final is of a high standard. The audience here in Berlin deserve it because they have played as much a part in making the event a success as the players themselves.


Anonymous said...

It was a shame that both yesterdays semi finals were a but flat.

More evidence the top players are playing too much snooker.

Anonymous said...

Wacky idea number 147

After a frame has clocked up 30 minutes, a clock shot of 20 seconds should kick in.

Anonymous said...

After a frame has clocked up 30 minutes, a clock shot of 20 seconds should kick in.

11:07 am

Great idea. 2 times extensions at most permitted.

I suspect the rule will be called the Ebdon rule.

Anonymous said...

High time the underachiever Marco Fu shows us what he is made of.

Infuriatingly inconsistent player. Has the talent but can disappear at times. A bit like Arsenal FC.

Anonymous said...

13:16 Why isnt the final on the Eurosport player right now?

Can147 said...

A generation ago a match where a player makes 2 centuries including a 142 would be considered a contender for performance of the season. Nowadays, its considered a ho hum affair...facinating evolution of not how the game's standard has improved but more to fans and pundits' expectation on performances.
On a related note if Carter continues his century break dry spell and wins today...has that ever occur previously in modern times? Has any player won a ranker without making a century?

kimball said...

Hard to understand the critic of Fu - Hawkins yesterday, very hard fought frames for 90 min. 2-0
for the Hawk, Fu ups and turn the match with 142 and 110 but still fight to the line.
Stats was 93-89 for efficiency.
Fu,s safety 89 % and I think one long pot missed total in the match.
My money was on Hawkins but I still enjoyed it and so did the audience that gave a standing ovation for the winner.

Anonymous said...

Said it before and don't mind saying it again....pockets are massive !!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone could tell Mike 'my apologies' Hallett that there are no prizes for correctly anticipating how the next shot will be played.

Anonymous said...

How do you know 923? Maybe Dave's wallet is a little bit lighter today?