Stephen Lee has today been found guilty of seven counts of match fixing and will discover his punishment on September 24.

The WPBSA statement published on worldsnooker.com details the matches and bets placed by those close to Lee.

In total, £111,000 was bet on the seven matches, with winnings totalling £97,000. On one occasion, money from a successful bet was placed in Lee’s wife’s bank account.

Lee, 39, has not played professionally since he was suspended last October after losing a match in the Premier League. The investigation into this match was subsequently dropped.

A ‘significant sanction’ is expected when punishment is passed down next week.

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Ray147 said...

I'm sad and angry in equal measure that a player could treat the sport this way after it has given him such a good living over the years. A lifetime ban would serve to stop anyone thinking of doing it ever again.
Before the snooker knockers (Patrick Collins et al)get going I would ask them to take a long hard look at the sports they laud over snooker because they are also full of miscreants and cheats. So no lectures from them thanks very much.