All is right with the world again: Michael Holt's diary has returned after an all too long absence to worldsnooker.com.

Holty is a much liked member of the game's playing cast and gets on well with the journalists because he doesn't take himself too seriously.

He's also a very good player and dedicated to the game, hence his participation in various smaller events, including August's German Open pro-am, which he ended up winning.

I'm pleased to read he is off to Dubai this week to coach some of their up-and-coming players.

However, I found this paragraph somewhat amusing:

"They want their players to improve by practising with us. One of the main differences is that over there if a player is 40 or 50 points down in a frame, you can see he virtually gives up. In the professional game, you know that if you are that far behind you are still in the frame, and they can learn from us in how to recover those kind of situations."

This, you'll recall, from a player who conceded the deciding frame of his China Open encounter with Joe Perry last season despite trailing only 19-0.

You can read the full entry here http://www.worldsnooker.com/news_editorial-18292.htm

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Anonymous said...


Is he still working at a gym as well as playing snooker?

Whilst teaching over there, I hope he isn't showing his pupils how to rap their knuckles against the table, which Mr Holt is well known for, especially in his 2005 world championship capitulation to Steve Davis.

Thanks, Joe