Ronnie O’Sullivan’s sudden departure from the Maplin UK Championship was either the result of petulance or the onset of depression, depending on who you ask.

One thing is for certain: the crowd, who paid £24 a head to watch his quarter-final against Stephen Hendry, were short changed.

O’Sullivan was trailing 4-1 but leading 24-0 in the sixth frame when he missed a red and conceded the match.

I don’t know what was wrong with him. I suspect the pressure Hendry was applying, mixed with a seriously bad mood, saw him throw in the towel.

It was unprofessional and disciplinary action may well be taken.

I just think it’s a shame that Ronnie can’t beat his personal demons with the effortless ease in which he dismisses his opponents.


Anonymous said...


I really thought he had got over his demons. Three weeks ago in a worthless match v Dott at the PSL, O'Sullivan was trailing 3-1 and on the verge of losing his unbeaten record of 19 matches. He made two fantastic breaks to draw 3-3 under hard circumstances.

We could also say the same about this time last week, when he closed a 9-8 win v Walden with a century break.

Both of these occasions under pressure.

I do remember at the European Open in 1997 v Chris Small and, the 2005 Malta tournament v Dott, where he didn't fancy it and just smashed the balls around the table a la Quinten Hann.

Having heard his press statement, why on earth didn't he just do that and 'have his bad day at the office,' for the £24 paying public.

Then again, by stating that he would have like to stay in the match to 'sharpen up Hendry' for his next match, says that O'Sullivan knew he would throw the match, regardless. Hmm...

Am glad he hasn't quit, but like John Parrott said, he has a break now, and should consider his future, because the it would be a loss to the sport.

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

It just reminds me of Paul Hunter. In my opinion, he was a better ambassador for snooker, although Ronnie's most impressed by his talent. Can Ronnie attract more people to focus on this sport? Of course. But he can Not set a moral and bright sample for people. He's a genuis, just a dammed genuis.
I miss Paul for the rest of life.