Here are the playing times at the forthcoming Kilkenny Masters:

March 9
Gerard Greene v Michael Judge
Fergal O'Brien v Mark Allen
Barry Hawkins v David Morris
Matthew Stevens v Joe Delaney
Gerard Greene v John Higgins
Mark Allen v Neil Robertson
Jimmy White v Barry Hawkins
Joe Delaney v Joe Swail
John Higgins v Michael Judge
Neil Robertson v Fergal O'Brien
David Morris v Jimmy White
Matthew Stevens v Joe Swail

March 10
Graeme Dott v Group Winner
Ken Doherty v Group Winner
Stephen Hendry v Group Winner
Ronnie O'Sullivan v Group Winner

Semi Finals

March 11
Final first session
Final second session

For further news on this new event, check out its website: http://www.kilkennymasters.net/


Anonymous said...


I looked at the website for this tournament and I think it could be the 'new' Irish Masters.

What I didn't realise, and it is not mentioned on the website, but on it's press release, is that it is another title to remember Paul Hunter by.

With this tournament and the German Open, both non-ranking and not even recognised by the WSA, it makes no-sense to put Paul's name to it, if it is only going to get 'local' publicity.

But I really like the idea of this format for the three-day tournament. Obviously, if it were to become a WR event, the format wouldn't be like this, but it is one to look out for in the future.

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

You raise an interesting point there - I suspect the decision was made to name the trophy after Paul because World Snooker refused to do so at the Masters

Anonymous said...

Which is my point entirely.

We have two tournaments with no coverage and the Masters, which is a behemoth of a tournament on the calendar, and it isn't named after Paul.

For people, just generally interested in snooker, putting the name of Paul to the Masters would tell them as well as the diehard fans. Rather than - and no disrepect - two local tournaments and the WSA making some 'gesture' to the Snooker Academy in Sheffield. Wembley may even gain more new fans because of said publicity. Young and old.

I really feel, like everything they do (the WSA), is to help themselves (financially,) and not help the game.

You guys can only highlight this...

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Just wondering which group winners play which seeded players, does it go in order i.e.Dott plays Group A winner etc, also semi final draw not given unless it all runs in order displayed.