Michael Holt, the world no.24, defeated Rom Surin 5-1 to win the CAT-Telecom Chanthaburi Cup in Thailand.

The 'Hitman' from Nottingham knocked in breaks of 115 and 132 as he cruised to victory, having beaten Thai legend James Wattana 5-2 in the semi-finals.

It's the perfect warm up for Holt, with the Shanghai Masters just over a week away. He faces 2006 world champion Graeme Dott in the first round.

Well done to him not just for winning the title but also for going there in the first place. Players often complain - rightly - that there aren't enough tournaments so it's good to see one going halfway across the world to play.
Just one question: how is Holty going to get that massive trophy home?


Anonymous said...


With all the low-cost flights, you would think that more players would make the effort in worldwide competitions.

I know, realistically, the financial side has to make sense, players should do more to promote the game more.

Maybe they're all worried about global emissions?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

These events in Thailand only invite two British players at a time (Holty and Pettman in this case).

Anonymous said...

Michael Holt is great to watch, an emotional player, who makes me laugh...well done to him he deserves his success...only wish there was more players like him.

Anonymous said...

how come only two players are allowed, bit unfair is it not.