Yes, it's time for a little shameless advertising.

The July issue of Snooker Scene is out now and includes:

- Clive Everton's review of Alex Higgins's autobiography
- Ted Lowe looks back
- Terry Griffiths appreciation
- Ronnie O'Sullivan disciplinary verdict
- Michael White denied place on circuit
- EBSA European Championships
- Pontin's Spring Festival
- New provisional rankings
- All the latest snooker, billiards and pool news

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Anonymous said...


Seeing as Ronnie O'Sullivan isn't contesting his fine for walking out of his UK Championship match in December, his money could go to the Chris Small donation. It would make sense, wouldn't it?

Thanks, Joe

andy said...

Hi Dave,

This is a little off topic but I read this morning that the 110sport.com Euro-Asia Snooker Masters Challenge is to be played next week in Hong Kong. This tournament includes many big names.

I've also read on the 110sport.com website that, "All tournaments staged by 110sport Management can guarantee TV coverage (both in the UK and abroad), while events carry (sponsor and branding) opportunities for title sponsorship, secondary sponsorship, official sponsorship and partner sponsorship."

As you're officially the man in the know ;-) (or one of few anyway), do you know where this tournament will be televised? Eurosport perhaps?



Dave H said...

Joe - it would but that doesn't mean it would happen

Andy - I'm pretty sure it won't be live on European TV but it might turn up as highlights at a later date

Anonymous said...

Michael White denied place on circuit?

I thought he was just missing the Shanghai qualifiers?

Dave H said...

Good point, it could have been phrased better

Actually, it's Michael's 16th birthday today - many happy returns to him and let's hope he can put this shambles behind him