Pot Black attracted a viewing audience of only 800,000 to BBC1 on Saturday afternoon.

This could in large part be down to the fact England were playing (indeed beating) Australia in the Rugby Union World Cup quarter-finals on ITV.

But I can't help thinking that people would rather watch a competitive event that has meaning rather than what is basically a bit of a laugh, albeit one that carries a first prize of £10,000.

Well done to Ken Doherty, who clearly enjoyed himself.

Like all players involved other than Stephen Hendry, Ken wasn't born when Pot Black was first screened in 1969.

It was the first time snooker had been seen on colour TV and made stars of the early professionals, leading to the creation of the professional circuit we have today.

It is questionable, though, whether people are as beguiled by the one frame format now.

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Anonymous said...

Has the production team ever thought of putting microphones on the players so we can hear the supposed "banter". Hearing it poorly recounted by commentators who sometimes admit to not having heard/got the joke makes the bit of a laugh more of an in-joke. Didn't players wear mics when they played on "Big Break"?