Ronnie O'Sullivan has been in sublime form at times in Aberdeen this week but is refusing to play ball with the media, answering only in mumbled half-phrases in his post match press conferences.

Most people at the tournament find this behaviour pretty tiresome. Shaun Murphy has just suggested it is unprofessional.

I'm not sure what Ronnie's exact problem is but the regular snooker press have nothing against him. Indeed, we like him so it's a shame he is choosing to act in the way he is.


Anonymous said...

Unprofessional? Perhaps so, but I for one believe Ronnie is better off keeping his comments short.

It is clear from watching his interviews before that when pushed he says too much and does himself unnecessary damage. I for one hope he continues this policy and only speaks fully once he has won the tournament!

As for Mr Murphy, how "professional" and sporting is asking the referee if Stephen Maguire was "ready for the start of the game" for forgetting his chalk? Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

I'm in two minds about this. Is it better to say nothing, and inconvenience reporters or ramble along with the cliches, and occasionaly outright lies (eg I've tremendous respect for...) that professional sportsmen are famous for?

Anonymous said...

Unprofessional? Oh,come off it!
He's in his full rights to be reserved about how much he wants to tell the press, and i for one don't blame him at all for wanting to keep quiet.
People are always going to complain about his behaviour no matter what he does.
When he speaks, there's a scandal and people complain, and when he doesn't....well,they complain anyway!
I'm no big fan of Ronnie, but I do think he deserves to be left alone sometimes. He doesn't owe us anything!

Dave H said...

Ronnie said today that he is keeping quiet so that he doesn't "get myself into trouble"

Wise, perhaps, as he is still sore about his punishment for walking out of the UK Championship last season and doesn't want to risk further action

However, if people genuinely think it's good for top sportsmen not to give proper media interviews then they're wrong. I expect Ronnie to be back in form off the table, just as he is on the table, any time soon

Anonymous said...

I agree, David, I think it's just an attention thing at times.