A good time was had by all at the Snooker Writers Association annual dinner on Sunday where the cream of snooker journalism was joined by our award winners Jamie Cope (Newcomer of the Year) and Andrew Higginson (Achievement of the Year).

Snooker Scene's editor and BBC commentator Clive Everton was also in attendance to pick up his Special Award in recognition of his long service and continuing battle for free speech with World Snooker, who have so far spent more than £100,000 of its members money trying - without success - to put him out of business.

Clive was first writing about snooker more than 40 years ago and his passion for the game remains as strong as ever. As Steve Davis said at the Crucible last year when Clive celebrated his 500th day there: "Thanks very much for all the memories and thanks very much for being such a snooker fan. You've given a lot of people a lot of pleasure by continuing with the magazine and all of your enthusiasm."


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Clive on his award. If anybody deserves it in the snooker realm, it's him. His new book is so far removed from the dumbed down sporting biographies etc. I've read over the past few years (snooker included), it's been like reading Ernest Hemingway compared to Richard Littlejohn.

Mat Wilson

CJW said...

Congratulations, Clive, on the award and on your new book, Black Farce and Cue Ball Wizards: The Inside Story of the Snooker World !

My deepest respect and admiration for your long service and continuing battle for free speech with World Snooker!

Excellent new book (and excellent comparison, Mat! :D )!