I'm enjoying the Malta Cup so far. Not everyone likes the round robin format but this isn't a ranking event and the quality of snooker has been high on the opening two days.

Just one question though: why is there no high break prize?

Surely World Snooker - who repeatedly tell us how flush with cash they are now - could have bunged a couple of grand into the pot for this?

There's £10,000 up for grabs for a 147 but this is the first tournament I can ever remember not having a highest TV break prize (feel free to correct me if I've got this wrong.)

By the way, you can watch all the matches from the televised table live on the Eurosport website, even when Eurosport is not broadcasting live.

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andy said...

I have to agree, I found it really strange too when listening to your commentary last night. They didn't even have to part with any cash, ...they could have said 8k for a max and 2k for the highest break.

It takes some of the additional exciting viewing experience away knowing they're not chasing the highest break....

Anonymous said...

Afternoon David;

Looking forward to this evening's action at the Malta Cup, John Higgins v Ryan Day - who can forget the cracker at the 2004 Embassy World Championship?
Re your question regarding the high break prize, or lack of a high break prize - I have a feeling the same event in 2006 won by Ken Doherty, when the event paid out appearance fees didn't have a high prize prize.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a strange question, but do the Eurosport commentators go to any of the events, including overseas to commentate, or do you all do it by watching the TV?

Also, do you know if Eurosport have any plans to go Interactive one day, with the possibility of showing 2 tables?