What a great win for Mark Williams last night, 5-4 from 4-2 down against Marco Fu.

I said on commentary for Eurosport that the decider was one of the most important frames of his career. I didn't feel like an overstatement then and it doesn't feel like one now.

Had he lost it, he would have been no better than 35th in the provisional rankings and bang under pressure at the China Open. Now he's won it the Welsh left-hander is up to 29th with a chance to go higher.

What impressed me last night was Williams's attitude. Neither player was at the top of his game but Fu would admit that he had a great run of the ball. Everything seemed to go against Williams but he didn't once let his head drop or allow frustration to overcome him.

In the end, this is why he won.

Anyone who knows Mark will attest to how laid back he is but, on the table, he's always been a fighter.

Look at the two world titles he won - both by 18-16 margins.

Look at his Masters victory over Stephen Hendry ten years ago when he came from 9-6 down to win 10-9 on a re-spotted black.

Look at his capture of the Welsh title in 1999 when he edged Hendry 9-8.

Dropping out of the top 32 would be a huge blow to him. Indeed, he spoke darkly of retirement should it happen after losing at the Masters.

I don't think he would walk away even if he were consigned to life in the qualifiers.

Equally, I think Williams is now most likely to remain in the top 32 and, who knows, he may even scrape into the top 16 with a good finish to the season.

This is where a player of his class belongs.

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