In case anyone doubts just what a dominant force Ronnie O'Sullivan is at the moment, here are some stats...

He has appeared in five of the last seven ranking tournament finals, winning three and finishing runner-up in two.

Last season he compiled 50 century breaks. His closest challenger on this list was Marco Fu with 30.

During last season O'Sullivan constructed 204 breaks of 50 or more. Second on the list was Shaun Murphy with 128.

This sort of relentless heavy scoring of which O'Sullivan and Stephen Hendry (in his prime) have been the two leading exponents guarantees a certain level of success.

What is also required is a resolute temperament.

Hendry certainly had that when he dominated the game.

O'Sullivan also has it at the moment and that is why he is so dangerous right now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave

I think the most pertintent point, which you alluded to in your previous post, is that Ronnie isn't even playing supremely well by his standards. He has had patches of sublimity in the past year (the maximum against Selby for example) but not sustained brilliance. It is his C and D games that have significantly improved. In previous years playing against a grafter or grinder who was making the game scrappy, Ronnie would often 'go walkabout' and lose his game completely in a fit of pique or boredom . It's a more mature O'Sullivan on the table now, and that is a scary proposition for the rest.

On a seperate point, have you heard a whisper about the formation of a new players organisation under the aegis of Barry Hearn and Pat Mooney. I hope it's true.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Mr O'Sullivan is certainly looking in the mood to dominate for the first time in his career. I think we would have to look back at the start of the noughties for his winning quite a few tournaments. I think everything has been said about the 'Rocket,' but am I right in thinking that in-between him winning the bigger world ranking tournaments such as the UK/World titles, this was his first smaller world ranking victory since the Irish Masters in 2005? If so, incredible.

Also, a winner of a tournament usually benefits with a 'run-of-the-balls' scenario in the run-up to winning a trophy. Hawkins got a terrible kick in the O'Sullivan match but, nobody has picked up on the fact of O'Sullivan's 'risky' double against Carter at the end of the final frame to seal victory. Last season everyone was aghast at the stupidity of his double that didn't go in against Selby in the final of the Welsh Open last season?

With regards the TV situation. I understand the problems Eurosport have, but its the production which isn't good. Could be better. It goes of at intervals and comes back after break-offs. Yes, the snooker coverage is great. But if they are going to continue why not give the production of the show better resources. They could do so much better. That is, unless the budget is cheap. Do Eurosport have to pay the broadcast hosts a large fee for taking the feed, Dave?

Finally, why are two of the qualifying rounds for Shanghai moving to the venue rather than Prestatyn?

Thanks, Joe

CueSport_TV said...

The important point for me is the last one you make Dave.

He has a resolute temperament 'at the moment' so often in his career this has blighted his undoubted ability.

When he is in the right place mentally then he is by far the worlds best player and nobody else comes close. However in the past this has not lasted a full season.

I hope he can dominate it will make a great story and viewing.

ProSnookerBlog said...

I just hope that someone can challenge him soon because snooker needs some competition at the top and hopefully some better finals than those served up in the last season or two.

andy said...

I just can't see him doing the grand slam. Hendry was always guaranteed to turn up, mentally as well as physically!

Ronnie's not even guaranteed to turning up physically, ...never mind mentally!


kimball said...

A new players organisation?
Would that be good or bad, or what?
Players seem step by step get very
much more playingtime than in years
and a lot comes through Hearn and Mooney-Higgins, but also through
several european open and asian tournaments during summer time.
There are 8 or nine rankingtournaments now and nine seems ideal. Especially if the low-
grade tornaments get upped a bit.
To be fair, there are no tournament to complain about but
europe,asia and maybe Moscow could be interested to stage bigger ones.
Since I am on the wrong subject in
the wrong window, is it not time
to coordinate Pontins and The Aca-
demy. You could actually do quali-
fications in one week for two tournaments and open up more space in the calender.
You keep the top half at P and keep
them there for two tournaments