Steve Davis will become the first fifty something to appear in a ranking event quarter-final for 14 years if he beats Ding Junhui or Dave Harold in the last 16 of the Shanghai Masters.

Davis defeated defending champion Dominic Dale 5-4 at the Grand Stage earlier today.

Doug Mountjoy was 51 when he featured in the 1994 British Open quarter-finals. Davis is, of course, 51 at the moment.

Steve has earned millions from snooker and could put his cue away and retire safe in the knowledge that his status as a legend is not in doubt.

But why should he?

He can still compete to a high standard and loves snooker, indeed loves competing full stop, whatever the activity.

Gone are the days when he was booed for being too good. Davis is now universally respected as snooker's elder statesman.

There will come a time when he cannot produce the goods any more.

However, that time has not yet arrived.


Anonymous said...

congratulations Steve. What are the chances of him reaching the Crucible at 60?! May the day on which he can no longer produce the goods be long delayed.

ProSnookerBlog said...

Wonder how low he would have to go before he gives the game up, outside the top 48 I guess. Would hate to see him go any lower.

Always wonder about Stephen Hendry too, reckon he'll slip out of the 16 in 2/3 years...think he would go to Prestatyn? Would be so strange.