The board of the WPBSA has been given a vote of confidence by players at the AGM in Sheffield today.

The chairman, Jason Ferguson, received 31 votes for with just three against.

He was officially confirmed as a WPBSA board member alongside the other co-opted directors, Alan Chamberlain, Steve Davis, David Douglas and Zhang Xiaoning.

Former directors Lee Doyle and Jim McMahon received just six and four 'yes' votes respectively.

Fewer than half of the WPBSA membership voted in the AGM.


Jason Ferguson. Votes for: 31 Votes against: 3
Alan Chamberlain. Votes for: 21 Votes against: 11
Steve Davis. Votes for: 26 Votes against: 7
David Douglas. Votes for: 28 Votes against: 5
Zhang Xiaoning. Votes for: 31 Votes against: 3
Les Barton. Votes for: 6 Votes against: 25
Lee Doyle. Votes for: 6 Votes against: 28
Patrick Fagan. Votes for: 4 Votes against: 27
Tony Knowles. Votes for: 7 Votes against: 24
Jim McMahon. Votes for: 4 Votes against: 29
Neil Tomkins. Votes for: 3 Votes against: 28


Anonymous said...

The whole reason why snooker has been in turmoil for many years is the attempts to oppose the board at the drop of a hat.
This time around there is no confidence in the opposition but they seem oblivious to the fact that they are disliked immensely.
I doubt that even these danming results will change anything in their tiny minds.

jamie brannon said...

I am little surprised to see Tony Knowles, so unpopular, anyone know why that it is?

Executor said...

Hypothetically, if they fail next year, what happens then?

(Not that I wish it, but if such vote is being conducted every year, what level of stability can it possibly bring to the world of professional snooker? I don't get the meaning of this.)

Anonymous said...

TK is unpopular in this instance due to the fact he is being used as a political vehicle in the same way Martin Gould was for a short while.
I thought this was obvious Jamie.

Dave H said...

It's not that Tony's unpopular, more that players are sceptical about what he could bring to the board of directors

Anonymous said...

Is Les a relative of a (former) player who attends most events?

Betty Logan said...

I'm surprised Knowles has got roped into it though — he more than any other former pro has embraced the new playing opportunities. He seems to enter all the PTCs so obviously still relishes the challenge so why would he want to put a stop to that?

Janie Watkins said...

Yes Les is relative to Jason Barton who played briefly as a pro but had to give up due to injury.

Like David said it's not a popularity poll regarding Tony Knowles. This is a sports business (believe it or not!)
and it's what people's cv's, experience and business acumen or sport specific expertise can bring to the board and the sport

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janie, so that is Bobbys brother? Wonder what he wanted on the board for?

Anonymous said...


he probably wants to be part of that.

what happens at WPBSA AGM has no direct influence on the plans of Barry Hearn

AnnD said...

What amazes me is the fact that only around half the membership voted despite all the the
past unhappiness of previous boards.
I wonder about the mentality of some of these players.
Did those that didn't vote belong to the faction who tried to derail the board earlier in the year???

Anonymous said...

is it as important as in previous years who is on the board if baz can do as he pleases?

jamie brannon said...

Yes, but these things are often not run like businesses and can boil down to buttering up the right people, just like Russia did to get World Cup. Not that I'm bitter or anything!!

Anonymous said...

What's up with Neil Tomkins?

TazMania said...

Doesn't Lee Doyle and 110 sport realise they are unwanted. Where where they when snooker needed some other than rod walker 1-2 years ago. They must be the dumbest people on earth!

Anonymous said...

Neil TomKkns. What on earth could HE bring to the board? Absolutely nothing. Tony Knowles is a nice guy with his own ideas (some quite silly - I hear he once mentioned that kicks were caused by balls being warmer at the bottom than the top because of the under-table heating to name just one).

Many players are also slipping back to their apathetic ways by not bothering to vote but just go along with the crowd. The very players who are the first to complain when things don't go their way.

Anonymous said...

Do the WPBSA board members have to stand for reelection at every 12 month duration or something ?

With Baz in permanent control the number of AGM/EGM meetings could and should be reduced.

Probably have the board stand for election every 3 or 4 years so the members have plenty of time to establish what influence they have

Betty Logan said...

Barry's still on "probation" for a year where he effectively has to increase the income to the sport to the contracted level or the ownership of the sport reverts back to the players. A year from now he can probably ditch the board but he can't do that yet because the WSA shares will just revert back to player ownership. I guess that's why there is still some plotting going on; Barry still needs the board to rubber stamp any deals he makes, and if there was a successful coup to oust the board, they could freeze him out and he wouldn't deliver on his targets. My guess is we'll see more of this disruption up until May when the fat lady starts to sing.

Anonymous said...

I'm Barrys number two.
No I'm Barrys number two.
No I'm actually Barrys number two.
You're all wrong I'm number two.

Alan Chamberlain...'quiet please'

Anonymous said...

I agree with TazMania. I think most players still see Doyle and McMahon as puppets of the Walker regime.

With just six votes, time maybe for you Lee to move in to the other sports you have stars in, like cycling and curling.

Anonymous said...

lee wont be happy when he reads this blog

Anonymous said...

and if he does read it he will point the finger at two or three people not realizing just how despised he is by so many in so many places

Anonymous said...

hes actually a really nice guy in person, despite what you think of him wrt his snooker interests.

he is also a husband and father.

some people go way ott when posting on the internet

Anonymous said...

Thank you mrs doyle