Mandy Fisher, who founded the World Ladies Billiards and Snooker Association 30 years ago, has resigned as its chair.

Fisher, 49, began the women's circuit in 1981 but told players and officials at the recent World Championship: “I have done all that I am capable of doing for the ladies game and I will not be standing for re-election.

"I don’t want it to fold and I don’t want it to fail. I just feel I can’t do any more than I’ve done.”

Fisher's commitment to the women's game has been one of the main reasons it has survived this long.

World champion herself in 1984, she oversaw a transformation in fortunes in the late 80s/early 90s in which women's snooker gained television coverage.

One of Fisher’s great personal memories is the run up to her 1991 World Championship quarter-final clash with Allison Fisher on the day her second son Matthew was due.

She was corralled by Barry Hearn, now World Snooker chairman, into parading in front of the press in Hyde Park wearing carpet slippers and a maternity dress.

She also helped get the women's game taken under the wing of the WPBSA in 1997, which meant their major finals were played at venues such as the Crucible during the main professional events.

The WPBSA subsidy was cut in 2003 and the women's game continues now at a lower level, even though it attracts an international field. Reanne Evans won just £1,000 for retaining her world title last week.

Fisher will remain as president of the WLBSA. Her role as chairman will pass to Brian Harvey, who has represented England at billiards.

“It wasn’t always easy but Mandy’s heart was always in the right place and she worked tirelessly for little reward," said former WLBSA secretary and tournament director Jane O'Neill.

“There were always the knockers and detractors and plenty with ‘bright ideas’, but no one ever came close to achieving better than Mandy.

“Who can replace her? She shouldn’t go unless Barry Hearn is taking over."

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Mark Jones said...

Mandy Fisher also instigated the junior scholarship scheme which my daughter Hannah has benefited greatly from and I am very grateful for all of Mandys help and advice over the years to Hannah.

Mandy has been and will be, as president, a great ambassador for ladies snooker. I am glad that she is still going to be a part of the association.

Thank you very much Mandy, but boy is the next season going to be tough for the new chair and committee. :)