Judd Trump’s capture of the China Open title in Beijing today proves he is the real deal.

It was a wonderful final. Trump and Mark Selby compiled three centuries apiece, the tactical play was strong and there was some terrific long potting from Trump.

The 21 year-old thus becomes the youngest ranking event winner since Ding Junhui won the 2006 Northern Ireland Trophy at the age of 19.

Trump has long been regarded as a rising star. Now, he has arrived. This is very good news for snooker: a new, young face who plays the game in an entertaining way.

Part of his transformation has undoubtedly been moving to Romford. Trump practises at the Grove, also home for Ronnie O’Sullivan, Liu Song, Matt Selt and Jack Lisowski, with whom he also shares a house.

What is significant is that Trump is now standing on his own two feet. I’m sure his mother’s cooking is preferable to what he and Jack can conjure up between them but he has struck out on his own, an important step for any young adult.

He has learned not only about snooker but also about life itself.

Plus, he is getting a higher quality of opposition in practise to help him improve further than he would have got in Bristol.

His match with Neil Robertson on day one of the Betfred.com World Championship always looked tasty.

Now it pits the reigning Crucible champion against the winner of the last ranking event before the biggest tournament of them all.

What a way to start the 17-day marathon of the green baize.


Betty Logan said...

I have to ask, are Jack and Judd flatmates or are they are couple? Those ties will be tasty either way!


Hi David. Yes, a star is born. The defending World Champion against the China Open Champion on the first day at Sheffield this year. A great China Open Final. A great performance. Well done Judd Trump.

Anonymous said...

Definately not a couple. Judd has more birds than he knows what to do with them.

Judd was always going to be a superstar. Just because he took a bit longer to win a ranking event than expected. But now all the groundwork has paid off and now he can start to enjoand reap the rewards!

Monique said...

wff Betty! Who cares either way?

Judd has good people around him and I've no doubt this is only the first of many. All good for the game!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the final. You can't beat a contrast in styles, which isn't to say that they are both cracking break builders. Trumps safety play has improved in leaps and bounds and I thought no matter how well Selby played he was never quite going to get there. That long red by Trump, screwing back 12 feet when he looked snookered was the shot of the match for me although Selbys snooker behind the black was ridiculously good too.

Great game!

Mat Wilson

Matt said...

Well done Judd Trump on his China Open victory. What a match that will be Robertson v Trump. I think Trump could edge out Robertson.

Anonymous said...

Alex, Jimmy, Ronnie, MJW and now Judd? Snooker could be blessed yet again. So the penny has finally dropped with Judd and he realises the game he has to employ to be a winner - not before time. If Ronnie had to seek the advice of Reardon, Adamson and Hill the solution is there for other up and coming players too. You have to have an all-round game especially nowadays.
So I hope that Judd, now that he's a winner, will point this out to Jack too. Snooker could then have 2 young, exciting and winning entertainers for many years to come.

jamie brannon said...

I always felt given his great acheievements as a junior that Trump would prove to be a tournament winner, although a little surprised it came this week, given his season had been meandering a little.

Trump's game seems to be developing in the way Neil Robertson's has, however, in an earlier age bracket.

At first, Robertson seemed a supreme potter but without the all-round game and sustained scoring power to challenge for the sport's biggest trophies. Clearly he has improved in all departments to become the World Champion.

My initial feelings about Trump were similar, but he also seems to have sharpened up the raw edges and has won at an early enough age to potentially become one of the all-time greats.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased for Trump although I'm disappointed for Selby who deserves to win a title after his dedication to the tour this season. Trump will be one to watch in Sheffield.

Anonymous said...


i remember you slagging off trump on numerous occasions on here

now he wins and youve changed yer tune

didnt expect anything else from you though....

Betty Logan said...

Trump has pretty much traded in his world title bid this year. Isn't Mountjoy the only player to win his first two ranking titles back to back? Trump would probably settle for doing a number on the world champion though—and finally winning a match at the Crucible—followed by a respectable second round exit.

jamie brannon said...

An example of me slagging off Trump would be nice.

If you are referring to me not saying he was real deal before he won the China Open, then that is silly.

How can any player be the real deal before they have won anything? I'm sure Judd would have said the same thing.