Well done to Neil Robertson for his superb performance in winning PTC6 in Warsaw tonight.

It was a typically composed, ruthless display from a player who is yet to lose in a televised final.

Everything I think about Neil can be read in my season preview on him here.

The tournament was really well attended, proving that it is not just Germany but Europe as a whole that represents a huge market place for snooker.

In the past it has not been explored to anything like the extent it should have been but clearly it will play a major role in the future.

As in Germany, the Polish crowds are knowledgable, enthusiastic but also respectful.

They got to witness a very dramatic last day in which it looked like Steve Davis may go all the way to another final.

As it transpired he just came up short, losing 4-3 to Ricky Walden in the semi-finals.

But Davis seems to be enthused by snooker again while players who have replaced him in the upper echelons of the world rankings stayed away.

Maybe, by no means for the first time, they will look to Davis for inspiration once more.

The next PTC will be staged in Gloucester this week.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope they will visit Poland again. From a tv viewer's perspective things looked great. Nice crowds. And it didn't hurt that Davis won 4 matches!

Anonymous said...

Has Davis gone up in the rankings?

John McBride said...

Neil Robertson was hitting the ball as cleanly as I have seen any player hit it for a long time. He really was hitting the ball well. Crunching the pockets with his pots & the ‘sound judgement’ of his game that is not often talked about in our game today, was there for all to see. Well, hear…..

For Steve Davis, he didn't have his cue, played on, no tantrums, just got on with it, & won. When he finally did get his cue, you wouldn't have noticed the difference. The steely determination was still there.
Admiration is a wonderfully warm word to be used on anyone & is certainly not out of place being bestowed on Steve Davis.
Speaking of bestow, I've never really been one to lord it on the establishment for who they should & shouldn't bestow a knighthood on. However, shouldn't some serious consideration be given by establishments hierarchy on knighting Steve Davis? While it would be good for our wonderful game if it were, it would be fitting, right & proper, for one of the greatest ambassadors are game has ever produced, for ‘it’ to be bestowed on Steve Davis.
Arise, Sir Steve….
You’ll always have all of my respect for what you have not only achieved, but for what you have also done.

Anonymous said...

Has Davis gone up in the rankings?

Steve has remained in the top 48 BUT the work continues again in PTC 7 as his provisional ranking is 48th 5 spots lower than his ranking see here http://prosnookerblog.com/rankings/latest-projected-seedings/

Maximum Snooker said...

Very well deserved for Neil, been so vastly improved in the PTC's this season.

Agree completely John, Steve Davis should be knighted and I hope it doesn't take as long as Bruce Forsythe took to get his.