Neil Robertson lost only two frames to reach the semi-finals of the Alex Higgins Trophy, demonstrated his great poise under pressure to edge Mark Allen in a decider and did a proper number on Judd Trump to secure the title.

Robertson, who has developed into a real hard match-player, dictated the style of the final from the off and managed to tame the brilliant Trump, unlike all the players the 22 year-old swept aside during the tournament, though both players struggled with conditions.

Alex Higgins was an excellent safety player, although few ever mention that. He had to be because he played in an era where safety was a key part of the game.

Robertson used to be more of an out-and-out potter but has toughened up his game over the last few years and his record in TV finals speaks for itself: played eight, won eight.

Neil always strikes me as a positive person who looks for the best in any situation. It is rare to see him let frustration get to him in the arena, all great assets for a snooker player.

As he said afterwards: “When you look at what’s going on in the world you realise there are worse things you could be doing than playing snooker.”

So the Australian wins his second Players Tour Championship title of the season and is clearly going to be a handful as the campaign continues.

Trump spoke well afterwards. He has blossomed as a player and a person since moving to Romford and standing on his own two feet.

He’s a credit to the sport not just for the way he plays but in his general conduct. Whatever anyone thinks of the structure of the tour and all of that off table stuff, there’s no doubt the game has a good bunch of lads representing it at the top level.

However, there are still many rumblings backstage about the fact that most players are losing money travelling to play in these PTCs.

That isn’t going to go away and what makes it worse is that it’s one PTC after another at the moment with no big events in between.

But that’s another issue. The night belongs to Robertson, an authentic world class talent and, even more importantly, a winner.


Anonymous said...

even in local or national competitions with 32 or much more runners there is usually only money down to the last 8, or similar.

improving to get into the money stages is a target.

im not suggesting everyone outside a certain bracket should get no money, but you cant have a tour where everyone gets all their expenses covered, no matter where they finish.

survival of the fittest.

there are too many, but the £ isnt the issue IMHO. if they had started out with half the amount they have then there wouldnt have been such a big outcry.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe alex would be happy with Robertson winning.this was the guy who totally ignored alex at the northern Ireland trophy in Belfast a few yrs back

Anonymous said...

cant believe there are people sad enough to be posting about what AH would or would not be happy about.

AH is sadly passed away. if he were alive the event wouldnt be in his name.

Anonymous said...

people ignored Alex for all sort of different reasons.

he was a intimidating figure for anyone even when he was ill.

Anonymous said...

Lol, if it has his name on it he wouldn't be happy with anyone winning it.

Colin M said...

The quality of the final was underwhelming sadly and not a great showcase. I think there's a case for lenghtening the finals to the best of 9 at least. Judd showed some impatience and I believe that is what cost him.

jamie brannon said...

There's potential for O'Sullivan and Trump to meet in the last 16 at the UK Championship, which is a mouthwatering prospect.

Anonymous said...

How do two of the top players in world get drawn against each other in the second round?

Dave H said...

Because players ranked 1-8 (Trump) are seeded to play players ranked 9-16 (O'Sullivan)

Same reason Ronnie could draw, say, Ding 1st round of the Masters

147 said...

I think ronnies seeding is misleading at the moment, his a potential world no 1 and a definite top 5 player.His low ranking is due to his none appearances and a general lack of interest rather then been out played for top ranking and receiving a more natural ranking.

Anonymous said...

The televised finals should definitely be longer. There is no reason to stick to the best of 7 concept. It's crazy, actually.

Anonymous said...

PTCs are best of 7. There's no point in increasing the final to more because by this point the players and the people at the venue working/watching are drained from the amount of snooker that's been going on and most want a quick conclusion so they can go home.

Anyway, you can't fluke a best of 7 win. You can dominate and not give the opponent a chance to get into it, but you can't fluke it.

Anonymous said...

You play, what, four matches on the final day of the PTC? That is potentially 28 frames. More than enough for a player. There's probably a case for dropping the matches to best of 5.


Hi David, Alex Higgins will, I am Sure be proud. Neil Robertson, in my view, is a worthy winner. It was lovely to see Alex Higgins's sister, Jean, present the trophy.

Anonymous said...

Dave is it true the ptc's are being reduced to 8 events next season.rumours doing the rounds.

Dave H said...

Almost certainly not.

From what I understand the Perform streaming contract has to guarantee a certain number of tournaments and the PTCs are part of this.

wild said...

so in a way if they cut back on tournaments its back in the dark ages.