We don’t get to see James Warren White on television much these days so the Whirlwind’s many fans will look forward to his match this afternoon against Dave Harold in the Gdynia Open.

White is still plugging away but is now 50 so if his snooker career were a frame he’d be down to the colours.

His supporters have a store of memories to recall, many of them moments they would rather forget. Being a White fan is an emotional rollercoaster, never more so than during his matches at the Crucible.

To reach six world finals is a great achievement, one that only Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry can better at the Crucible. But, of course, White never won one.

He did win the Masters and the UK Championship, two Irish Masters and ten ranking titles, but – rightly or wrongly – these seem to play second fiddle in the public conscious to his defeats in the world final.

But Jimmy is nothing if not stoic. He still loves snooker and continues to breeze around the exhibition circuit, where he produces the goods away from the glare of the TV lights.

Recently, when he has played on TV he has looked a little nervous. It used to be second nature to him but he now spends most of his playing time in the cubicles of the qualifiers.

I thought he played well against Judd Trump at last season’s China Open and he has every chance of having a good weekend in Poland.

Whether he does or not, his army of fans will be anxiously following every ball as ever, hoping for one more golden memory from this most popular of players.


Anonymous said...

Go Jimmy!

Just one more would be amazing, though I doubt another ranking or PTC title will ever happen. Same goes for Davis.

Still keep hoping, anything can happen in snooker!

Anonymous said...

Ah great some live snooker on eurosport,until the final.when they will probably show the national grass cutting championship instead.What do u think dave,or do u not have an opionin?

Dave H said...

I don't have an opionin, or an opinion. However I do have access to a TV guide which tells me the final is live on Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the Dave hate suddenly? Anyone would think he was best mates with Jimmy Saville the last couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Dave, two wrongs dont make a right.

rise above that idiot

Anonymous said...

Great day of coverage on Eurosport

Even the Boxing was moved at 8pm to show conclusion of Robertson match.

If bloggers have a problem with Eurosport why not email Eurosport directly?

Anonymous said...

u know i get angry when eurosport cut the finals sometimes but then dave said something in his blog about eurosport and snookers popularity in europe and how there would not be a german masters or ptcs in europe but for eurosport and guess what he is right..credit has to go to rodney walker who initially got the eurosport deal which hearn is building on..if eurosport wasnt there we would just have 3 tournaments on british television and thats a fact and the game would probably have once again been just a club sport with players playing money matches to earn a few quid like in the 1950s and 60s.

Anonymous said...

944, dont assume people arent doing that.

Anonymous said...

Rodney Walker was behind the drive into China as well. He may have got a lot wrong along the way, but he'll possibly have a longer lasting legacy than any other WSA chairman. His big mistake was not capitalising on the European interest that his initiative had created, but you've got to give credit where it's due.

Anonymous said...

Barry Hearn was selling snooker to Eurosport long before Rodders knew what either was. The first deal with the WPBSA was in 2000 when Mark Wildman was chairman.

Graeme said...

Dave, slightly off topic but.......the constant switching to the floor cameras mid shot is getting more frequent and more and more unnecessary. Do we really need a close up of the object ball falling into the pocket (sometimes following it in to the ball tray !!). Most frustrating when the secondary part of the shot involves a delicate canon or skilful positional shot. More often than not, the cameraman's anticipation of which pocket the player is aiming is wrong.
Surely the most worthwhile view of the table, the view that shows every aspect of every shot is the full view shot of the whole table.
Sooner there is a red button option for this the better.

Graeme said...

Back on topic, yes, go on Jimmy. Was at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow when he won the Langs Supreme Masters in 1981, his first pro title and was at the SECC in 2004 when he won his last in 2004 against the late, great Paul Hunter. JW has always given everything to the game and still has more to give. Wishing him all the best in Poland.