The WPBSA has today suspended Stephen Lee from the professional circuit pending a hearing into alleged match fixing.

Their full statement reads:

On 2 October 2012 the Crown Prosecution Service announced that there will be no criminal proceedings in the match fixing allegations against Stephen Lee made in 2010. Following this decision by the CPS, the WPBSA started its own investigation into these allegations.
On 5 October 2012 the WPBSA met with the Gambling Commission in order to review material collected by the Gambling Commission which may prove relevant to the WPBSA investigation.
The WPBSA is now in the process of conducting a thorough enquiry into the circumstances and this will be led by Nigel Mawer, the Chairman of the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee.
On 12 October 2012, the WPBSA was informed of suspicious betting patterns relating to a game between Stephen Lee and John Higgins played on 11 October 2012. This suspicious activity has also been referred to Nigel Mawer, the Chairman of the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee.
The WPBSA have carefully considered both the initial information from the Gambling Commission which was reviewed on 5th October 2012 and the new information regarding suspicious betting patterns in relation to the match between Stephen Lee and John Higgins from 11 October 2012.
The WPBSA have concluded that it would not be appropriate for Stephen Lee to continue to compete on the World Snooker Tour whilst these investigations are undertaken and therefore WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson has taken the decision to suspend Stephen from competition whilst this enquiry is ongoing.
Subject to his right to appeal, this suspension will remain in place until either the conclusion of the investigation or any resultant hearings.

Lee, who turned 38 today, has won five world ranking titles, the most recent at the PTC Grand Finals last season.

He turned professional in 1992 and reached a career highest ranking of fifth.


Anonymous said...

I have no interest in the Premier League let alone watching the matches, but this summary:


doesn't sound like a match with 'suspicious betting patterns'.

Ray said...

Surely there can't be anything in this? It would be lunacy to match fix and lunacy off the scale to do it in a match with John Higgins after what's gone before.
I'm just off now to lie in a darkened room with a cold compress!

Anonymous said...

if this is true then stephen should be banned for life considering his recent form and playing opportunities that brought him success this is just a big spit in the face to the sport and game that made him a millionaire.

wild said...

Happy Birthday Stephen Lee.

Anonymous said...

How the heck do you fix a 4-2 loss against John Higgins? I don't see how it's possible. Higgins would have to be on it, and I honestly don't think he'd be seen within a country mile of a betting scam after what happened 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

was in Malvern last night watching. Lee looked relaxed and had so many chances to have grabbed at least a point.

Shook his head a lot throughout, didnt look too gutted to have lost the match.

Missed an easy pink at end though there was some pressure on it.

Not gonna pass judgement here - leave that to those investigating.

Did you see the match Dave? Opinion?

Anonymous said...

There were 3 unusual shots I saw last night with Lee set for a 3-3 draw. From memory:

Lee needed both pink and black to earn a 3-3 draw, and he first missed a very basic pink with the rest when clearing up.

A short while later a pink to the middle with a natural angle going towards the black near the corner. I thought he might play it with a trace of check side (right hand side) to hold for the black, but strangely tried to play it appeared, to go around the black for some reason.

Black ball left and what looked to be a classic cocked hat double attempt, tried a very unusual safety I thought to leave Higgins a black to win 4-2.

There was I believe a big shortening of Higgins price to win the match on Betfair before the match.

Anonymous said...

Suspend him when he's proven guilty. If he's proven (and is) innocent, I doubt he'll take the suspension lying down.

As for the match itself, I'm not seeing anything that dodgy myself. Stephen Lee was playing badly, Higgins was scrapping through on his B game. What happened wasn't that big a surprise. Lee's played worse without being accused of match fixing.

The Blog said...

Surely both players should be suspended. When you consider Higgins said he would cheat (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) on the News of the World video footage it's incredulous to think he's not been suspended too. I swear Higgins is living some charmed life.

Anonymous said...

The naively of people in the comment section is incredible. Wait until the betting patterns on betfair alone are released. I am aware of them and they involve some staggering figures. The nature of betfair means that they were there for all to see the night o the match

kimball said...

Ok 1:48 why not enlighten us about the bettting pattterns.
For me, the only radically interesting betting patteren would be ball by ball in the end of frame six,
and what was the turnover at Bet fair
for the match? If you know the bettingpattern then you would know tthe turnover too.

Dave Guise Worcester said...

Iam gutted for Stephen!!!! Guilty until proved innocent !!! as it is now & that is wrong !! He has worked really hard to get up the rankings & gets treated like this !!!!
He`ll miss events until world snooker get their rear into action !!!
I think they don`t like him !!!!

Anonymous said...

Clearly this has an impact on next Thursdays premier league event at Penzance. Presumably they will bring another player in.
To suspect someone of throwing a frame when they stand to win a lot of money winning it in this competition can only mean really big money is involved if there is any suspicion of wrong doing here.

LuigiVampa said...

The Blog - ban Higgins?? He won the match??? If there was a lot of money on him to win (as it appears) you are suggesting he should be banned for winning??? Can you explain your logic??

Anonymous said...

Kimball, Lee was available at 4/6 when cleaning up the colours. Continue to live life in the little bubble. The comments of players alone reflect the regard in which lee is held

Anonymous said...

How long will this enquiry take? If it takes forever it will be very unfair on Lee.

kimball said...

1:08 4/6 don't mean much. 1/10 or more and somebody makes a bundle
easily on Bet Fair if the favourite botches it and none really the wiser
since bet fair is a MARKET not a bookie.
"Life in the little bubble" made my day. Nice to meet you Mr. NN.
So players gossip?! Enough for a case so must be true.
Back to the Orwellian times then.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with The Blog comments Higgins should also be suspended until the matter is fully investigated.Alex higgins was.nt far from the mark all those years ago.

Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion that always in these cases both players should be investigated. Who is to say Higgins is not so confident of victory he piles so much on himself to win?

Anonymous said...

Higgins took 4 months, Jogia 6, Lee is basically out until at least the new year and possibly for the rest of the season. Anyone know if the Thai fella was suspended for the PTC match from a couple of months ago?

Anonymous said...

Will there be any sanction imposed on Judd Trump for his comments on Twitter, effectively accusing Lee of cheating given that Mark Allen was disciplined for calling Chinese players 'cheats'?

Witz78 said...

How indeed could he guarantee hed win 2 frames v Higgins if it was correct score the dosh was on?

And why would he have went 2-1 up if he had to lose?

And in the last frame why did he pot 6 successice tricky pots from 2nd last red up to the green that could easily have been missed and aroused no suspicion unlike after that when the colours were all on their spots?

And why would he have played that telling snooker on the pink which was always going to make him clear favourite in the frame?

As far as i can see he missed the pink with the rest only just and he sort of stabbed at it plus was conscious that he had positional work to do rather than just roll it in.

And with the 2nd pink that he potted i think he just was relaxed too much and a combo of that and adrenalin made him play it too hard and lose position.

I just feel some people have a vendetta against Lee for previous incidents and theres a witchunt against him.

What happened to Innocent until proven guilty.

Anonymous said...

Kimball you are simply proving you lack any understanding of how this works. Why do you think he may have been 4/6? Because people in the know are laying him. Normally a player with balls on spots clearing up would be a 1/10 chance

Dave H said...

Comments on this subject are now closed while I sort out a legal matter. Sorry about that but it'll be me being sued, not anonymous commenters.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how long it will stay up but the whole game is on youtube here:


Anonymous said...

Dave if you comment on these matters in a blog then it's clear there are going to be some comments cutting near the edge